Bloody 9:30 AM fire drills…the alarm just went on and on and on and on. Beep! Evacuate the
building! Beep! Evacuate the building! Beep! Evacuate the building! Beep! Fucking hell
(me) Beep! For fucks sake! (neighbor) Beep! Oh, shut up! (another neighbor) Beep!
Fire drill people, get up get up. (overenthusiastic resident advisor) Beep! Only a handful
of people actually walked down to the designated area. I sure didn’t, I was taking a nap, so I just
stuffed my ears with my pillow and tried to ignore the irritating alarm. Besides, if it were real,
the message would have been – Beep! This is not a fire drill! Beep! Heh…happened last semester
when Richardson Hall (the one closest to us) got smoke logged. Why do they schedule the fire drills
in the morning anyway? It just irritates everybody.

Days till I get my digital camera: 4

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