Cartoon Classics – Superman (No IMDB listing)

JB You’ve Done It Again! I saw DVDs starting from A$3.99 and above in JB Hi-Fi. I’m not
sure if this is a store wide thing though, coz I only went to the Chadstone one. There was a shelf
full of B-Movies going for A$3.99 and I bought 5 of the cheesiest looking ones. Heh. The titles

Murder On Flight 502 [IMDB]

Replikator [IMDB]

Force : Five [IMDB]

Bio-Force I [IMDB]

Cartoon Classics – Superman (No IMDB listing)

B-Movie Bonanza!

Funny quote of the day: Jimmy (after seeing Bio-Force I) – “You mean there is a Bio-Force

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