I have a lucky 10c coin

Well, not really lucky, but it was in my shoe for the whole day.

I noticed a slight anomaly in my shoe soles when I stepped out to go to uni today. Upon further
tactile inspection, I found that it has a distinct coin-like feel to it and surmised that it was a
10c coin. For some reason, I never took the time to remove it from my shoe, I just walked around
with the coin inside for the whole day. It felt kinda nice too, a change from the usual feeling.

Anyway, my mid-semester holidays is coming up next week. I couldn’t possibly make it to Sydney
or Canberra because I have meetings in the first few days. The final exams comes 3 weeks after the
holidays too, so I probably need to be studying in the holidays. I wonder why it’s called a
mid-semester holiday when it doesn’t come in the middle of the semester. It’s either 3 weeks from
the start of the semester (in the first semester) or 3 weeks from the end of the semester (in the
second semester). Alas. However, I’m planning to go on a short overnight trip somewhere. Currently,
I’m still mulling over whether to go to:

1. Hepburn Springs [mineralsprings.net.au]

It is known as Australia’s spa capital. It would be nice to go for one of those mud wraps and
soak in a natural mineral spa before my finals. There are free hand pumps dispensing the legendary
Hepburn Springs sparking mineral water all over town too.

2. Bonnie Doon [bonniedoon.net]

Waterskiing! Bonnie Doon is a really small town on the way to Mt Buller. It is famous for
waterskiing, but there are other stuff to do like fishing and horse riding.

3. Sovereign Hill [sovereignhill.com.au]

A replica gold rush township in Ballarat. They have a nightly play called Blood on the Southern
Cross which I hear is really good. It’s about the revolt of gold miners against unfair taxes.

Three different places offering three different experiences. Hmm…

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