Bills, bills, bills


Bill #1
A$1,937.50 for BUS3650 Business Applications in Neural Networks, my
summer semester subject. I’m gonna have to call my bank on Monday to
use BPAY to pay this one.


Bill #2
A$502.50 as the Halls of Residence rent for the month of January. This
is the new 2003 rates (or so I heard) which charges A$16.75 per day.
But then I vaguely remember staying in halls over summer is more
expensive than in normal semester. I remember my bills being over A$500
when I stayed over summer during the 2000/2001 period. I’m not sure
what the logic behind raising rent during a low vacancy period is, but
oh well…


Bill #3
The third bill, for my unpaid November rent, the January rent added in
and a A$28.45 bill which is probably the net access bill, but from what
month? Also, they seem to be billing me at the summer (or 2003) rates
for the November month. I’ll need to follow this up.

After I pay all of this, I’ll be A$2970.95 poorer (the first bill is
already integrated into the third bill). That’s around RM6000. A bit
off-putting, all this bills.

Anyway, I noticed that Sibu
[] has a new official homepage. It’s pretty nifty and if you
find yourself wondering “WTF is this Sibu thing this guy keeps going on
about?” you’ll do well to browse around the site. :) They actually have
[] running at Wisma Sanyan (I presume) which shows a view of
the town square, one showing the Rejang River, Central Market and
Pagoda and the last one showing the mist garden, Brooke Drive and a
sizable chunk of the town. I was impressed.

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