MIA coz assignments. It’s Saturday! Time fastfowarding, I can’t keep up! No, stop!!!


Quick one, took this photo just now. Around 6 AM. Hmm…I thought 6 AM
was just an hour ago. But the clock says I’m wrong. Where did the time
go? Jumped to 3:37 PM? PM??? Wtf? Noooo…go slower k. About the pic,
I’ve been meaning to photograph that since it was implemented a couple
of days ago, but didn’t get around to it till now. There’s a new policy
at our halls, the main stairway door is to be locked 24/7. The picture
up there is the latch that is used to keep the door open, it’s been
taped over to avoid people from using it to prop open the door. Now I
gotta remember to bring my keys every time I go out…wait, can’t
continue like this…MUST WRITE IN FRAGMENTS. Quicker. No time.
Assignments. Here’s another pic to show perspective:


Something else. All hail Win XP System Restore. Got a corrupted
profile this morning. My personal profile won’t load. XP loaded default
and I was shocked to find all my assignment files missing (all saved in
My Documents) and all my photos (stupid Nikon Browser…default to My
Pictures in My Docu). They just weren’t there, browsing to Docs +
Settings -> My Name -> Desktop
-> My Docu
-> My Pics
All empty!
Horrified! Restarted but same thing happened, after shock passed
(partly due to remaining disk space still the same and worse come to
worse, go for disk info retrieval tools – digressing, not good,
anyway), went for sys restore hoping I didn’t turn that off. Always used to turn it off coz didn’t want the extra load.


Thank God I didn’t turn it off this time. Restored to previous day
and right as rain. Worked on ass and STILL didn’t back things up. I
never learn. Mouse froze just now, “fuck!” I thought. Mouse error is
common error, bios disables USB support and have to restart and set
things rite – only happens occasionally, so didn’t bother to isolate
cause, but prob coz of the wireless mouse +kb driver).
Anyway, uh oh, this is bad I though. Had to reboot…prayed won’t see the
corrupted profile. In vain. Yep, got the same corrupted profile.
Please sys restore, do your magic. Whee. Restored okay, BUT….
Nothing in all my docs
My ass was in there…12 hours of work…gone?
Made offerings. Prayed. Restored to earlier date, didn’t dare to look, went to toilet.
Came back and phew, everything fine again.
Except a couple of database files were missing


Luckily they were on the Unix server I work on. PuTTY r0x. Doing the
backbone for my ass. Using SQL Plus command line via SSH to Unix. Don’t
want to bother with downloading Oracle for GUI SQL Plus. Command line =
faster for me. If you’re working on something like this too, and didn’t
already know, easy way: Type SQL tables in notepad. Save as
“database_create.sql”. FTP upload. Go SQL Plus Prompt. Type “start
database_create.sql”. If you’re like me and makes a lot of mistakes
you’ll also have created “clean.sql”. Just a fast way to drop all
tables. Copy table names from db create. Also, save typing, script
“see.sql” with “select table_name from user_tables;”. Just in case
clean.sql ordering wrong, FK dependent tables not deleted first.
Reorder again. Populate db separately “populate.sql”. SQL not fun.
Doing the Java and PHP front end now. Still have CSS and HTML to go.
Bye sleep. BTW, me != retard. Just in a rush. Gotta go, time moving at
the speed of lite. Keeping up, hard. Trying. Wish me luck. Thanks!

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