Mushroom Hunting II – Mini Mushroom Hunting


Mushroom #18
Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere, but not a single one to eat (with confidence). A patch of mushrooms with different species.

Yesterday was a great day for mushrooms in Melbourne. Cold
temperatures and it rained most of the day. I saw HEAPS of mushrooms
EVERYWERE. Mushrooms galore. It’s raining mushrooms! Popping up on
roadsides, fields, even CONCRETE! Okay, maybe not that last one, but
you get the idea. I saw several at the hospital but didn’t pick anyway.
Too tired and run-down. I saw heaps at the place I live too, even right
outside my door! Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere, as far as the eyes
can see!

Mushroom #19
Promising looking mushroom growing on enriched soil. It stains blue, but the cap looks strange.

Well, I was too tired to go for a long hunting expedition but I took
a very short stroll and photographed a few. Damn, I missed a good
chance. If I had gone the route MH and I went in the last couple of
days, I would have found plenty of magic ones I reckon. Anyway, I don’t
know if the ones that I photographed yesterday are psychoactive,
there’s just too many species of fungi and wild magic mushrooms are so
hard to identify for a beginner like me. Anyway, enjoy the photos! :)

Mushroom #20
Interesting looking mushrooms on enriched soil.

Mushroom #21
Early stages of a mushroom’s growth cycle…still shaped like a ball on a stem.

Mushroom #21
The same mushroom (visually similar, on a same patch) in a later growth stage…looks like a mushroom now.

Mushroom #21
The same mushroom with the gills showing. The A$2 coin is for size comparison.

Mushroom #22
This one was tricky. It was growing at a high human traffic area under
a small brush and I had to climb into there in daylight and photograph
them in full view of anyone who happens to look by. Looks dark coz I
used flash.

Mushroom #22
The same mushroom with the gills showing.

Mushroom #22
The same mushroom picture beside A$2 coin. It’s quite large, size of my extended palm.

Mushroom Hunting I is here [].

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