Guide to coming down off meth and speed

It has been x days since you’ve slept and eaten. You’ve either
exhausted your supply of meth or your tolerance is getting so high,
you’ve decided to reserve the remainder of the stash for another day.
You’re jumping at shadows, constantly looking behind your shoulder at
non-existent people who’re out to get you, startled at sudden noises,
and a friend tapping your shoulder is likely to make you jump out of
your skin. The good effects of meth is over, but sleep is still
impossible. What happens now?

1. Do you have a benzodiazepine (Valium, Xanax, Klonopin etc)?


Yes. Go to 2.
No. Can’t help you much. If you have weed, smoke some to help you eat, otherwise force yourself to eat and drink yourself to sleep.

2. Do you have alcohol?


Yes. Go to 3.
No. Take more benzos and go to 3.

3. Do you have cannabis (weed, grass, pot)?


Yes. Go to 4.
No. Take the benzos and alcohol. Try to force yourself to eat and go to sleep.

4. You’re set for the perfect comedown!

My personal preference for a comedown benzodiazepine is clonazepam
(Klonopin). This is due to its relatively long duration and the anticonvulsant
[] properties. The first one will ensure that you won’t
suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and will help you stay
sedated for quite a long time. The second one is very nice
after long meth runs, due to the muscle aches and other associated
problems. I noticed that it’ll also relax your muscles very noticeably,
which is conducive for relaxation and sleep. :)

The only issue related to clonazepam is the long time it takes to
kick in (for some people). It can take 1-2 hours, but personally, I’ve
never noticed that it takes that long! Don’t worry about it if
you just came off a meth run, chances are, you’ve not eaten anything,
so your stomach will be so empty that absorption happens really
quickly! Personally, it only takes 15-30 minutes max for it to kick in
after meth runs. I do not like Valium (diazepam) because it has an
active metabolite that stays in you for quite a long time. Xanax
(alprazolam) has a short half life (read the part about waking up in
the middle of the night). However, feel free to pick and mix benzos if
the situation warrants it. =D Please know the benzodiazepine
equivalency dosages before mixing! I recommend taking a higher dose of
the long lasting benzos and a lower dose of the short acting benzos.
I’ve taken 2 mg Xanax + 10 mg Valium + 3 mg Klonopin combos to put me
into slumber land within minutes. Heh.

Optional: Multivitamin and mineral supplement.


Here’s what I usually do:

Cook some food if you need to. You’ll be really tired after your run so
I recommend something easy like ramen, but it’ll be best to have
something pre-cooked (like a take away rice box) in the fridge which
you can just reheat in the microwave.
Wash your bong and fill it with water. Shred an amount of weed you want
to smoke. Load the cone with one hit to be ready. Put lighter beside

1. Take benzodiazepines (personally, I take 4 mg clonazepam – change the dosage according to personal tolerance) with water.
2. Take a shower. By the time you’re done the clonazepam (or your benzo of choice) should have taken effect.
3. Start drinking beer. I don’t recommend liquor because it’s easy to
drink too much and end up with a hangover. Also, be careful when
combining alcohol and benzodiazepines. My personal limit is to never
exceed a 6-pack, but YMMV.
4. Cook your food or even better, reheat your pre-cooked meal. It’s
worthy to mention that during your meth run, your body has gone into
starvation mode from not being fed anything except water. Thus,
anything you eat after will
be put into your fat stores in anticipation of the next starvation
period. This is not an issue if you do meth very often, but it might be
of interest to people who are conscious of their weight. I recommend
taking one meal that is the usual size of what you normally eat for a
meal, don’t exceed that and you’ll be fine.
5. Put on a no-brainer stoner type movie or TV series. Just anything
that you don’t need to think about that’s easy to watch and you don’t
mind watching halfway. I recommend short TV episodes like South Park.
6. Smoke cannabis. Fast. ;) There should be no meth related paranoia
present due to the wonderful benzodiazepines you’ve consumed.
7. Eat your food before it gets cold. :) (Optional: If you have a
multivitamin supplement, take it when you’re 1/4 into your food. It
gets absorbed better with food.)
8. You should be very ready to sleep by the time you’re done eating. =D

Sweet, sweet comedowns. You’ll probably be bumping into stuff and
all that while having a sleepy, contented smile on your face. It is
possible to wake up 8 hours later, but that’s not the best way to
recover. I’ll allocate at least 12 hours for sleeping on this one.
You’ll be feeling fine again the next day, ready to tweak again (hmm…)
or even better, make sure that the next day is free so you can just
relax around and drink some beer (not till you get a hangover) and
sleep again for a perfect recovery when you wake up again! :)

This is based on personal experience and thus, it may not be a good idea for everyone.

Combining benzodiazepines and alcohol in large amounts can be dangerous
and possibly fatal! Know your limits and don’t exceed it!

Additional info site:
While there are a number of remedies available after a drinking binge or a drug high, alcohol and drug addiction treatment remains the best remedy available.

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84 thoughts on “Guide to coming down off meth and speed

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  4. I use only weed beer and food with any come down from a stimulant type drug (cocaine,e,meth,etc.). Basically instead of feelin like shit ur jus faded. I never made all complicated but then again I’ve only done meth a couple of times if I did it more often id b breaking it down like that too bcuz the come down from meth is the worse ccome down I’ve. Ever had

  5. tank you so much my fish took xtc last night and it ended up being a meth bomb he doesmnt know what to do hope your info works thankyou so much

  6. This is the exact Guide to coming down off meth and speed » blog for anyone who wants to essay out out near this message. You note so much its nearly debilitating to contend with you (not that I really would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new protract on a matter thats been scripted roughly for geezerhood. Good poppycock, simply majuscule!

  7. Thanks so much for this info. It helped me a lot during my meth-induced panic attacks! :))

    Now I know exactly what to do after a long binge. After applying some of the stated above, I can say that it really eased up my comedowns and minimized my meth-induced anxiety and panic attacks.

    A word of caution to the newbies… This is based on my personal experience and probably applicable to those with anxiety and panic disorders like me… ( i’m a male, 22 yrs old, 177cm. and 74 kg. asian-hispanic)

    After a long meth binge(for me max is 4 days), your body is literally tired, starved and muscle aches all over. Your brain is exhausted and delirious, for people with anxiety, depression and/or panic disorders, these sensations will trigger a panic attack ( like you are having a heart attack and/or stroke). My first encounter with meth-induced panic attack was just 4 months after I started doing binges and I’m telling you, IT’S NOT VERY PRETTY. Like, I thought I was having a heart attack and my whole body goes numb and I thought I was gonna die.

    So… Just a word of caution to those people like me,, After a meth binge, NEVER, I say again… NEVER!!! Combine liquor or red/white/champagne with Diazepam(VALIUM).. This will calm you down and what not but after sleeping like an hour or two, you will wake up from your sleep, shaking and have the worst panic attack you can ever imagine..

    Like seriously, I’ve been there and I saw what it is.. Some of you might even cry and call your mom to bring you to the hospital coz you thought you were gonna die on that moment, like I was the first time..

    After experimenting on myself (smoking adulterated meth and going on a binge for a couple of days), I found out that I got rid of my meth-induced panic attacks by using this come-down method…..

    Personally, after a 4 day meth binge (smoking meth usually adulterated with god knows what) no sleep, no eat, no whatsoever.. Just WATER.. When you come down from this, you just drink BEER and you should take Clonazepam(Klonopin). As for me, I can finish 8 cans of your regular beer combined with Clonazepam ( Klonopin) and have no hangover, anxiety/panic attack the next what so ever..

    NOTE: Every person metabolizes substances and alcohol differently… My post is just for informational purposes and you are not required to follow..

    If you are like me, then you are very much welcome to try what I wrote down.. If not, I say good luck, bro! :D


    Tweaky D

    Managing Director
    RnR Decor Co. Ltd.

    • hey man I know what u really mean ive been a user on an off for 15 but i took a 10 break frm it now ive been back on for a year now I like what u say but I say too Is have some very good sex too

  8. Forcing yourself to go to sleep is such a waste of a good tweek! It took countless days to get to that point and if you can handle it I think it’s the funnest part of the high. I would usually stay up 24 more hours after I decided I was gonna take a break! All I ever needed was to eat good meal and i would badly make it to my bed!

  9. What if I don’t have any weed or clonazapam??? And I can’t stand beer. I’ve been up two days and I feel like crap!!!! I just want to sleep someone help me!!!!!!!

  10. Nice advice, but I would advise against the alcohol since it’s gonna dehydrate you more.

    Also, remember that opiates can kill a come-down just as effectively as benzos, in case you have the former but not the latter.

    • Take four or five 3mg melatonin…all natural chemical ur body releases it wen u fall alseep w a zanny bar no beer needd somke a joint or to and repeat w the joint s as needd…melatonin takes about 1 hr to kick n even on empy stomach..metlatonin is great shit put u out cold

  11. I think the clonazepam, beer, pot, food, shower tv remedy is the best.
    Not everyone will be blessed to have benzos and weed, however.
    These are some other medications that have been really helpful for ME. So just take this as education and nothing else :
    1) Valerian Hot Tea (Sleepy Time Extra) – for the people who might be low on their benzo supply or who are too sensitive to prescription benzos, this is a god send. It’s really cheap at any grocery store. The active ingredient Valerian works on the Gaba receptors just like BZ but are closer to being ambien. Not only will Valerian help, but the whole ritual of making a couple hot mugs of Tea can help you wind down and get out of your head and into your bed. Plus it feels healthy, helping to halt feeling like a toxic waste dump.

    Other meds that have helped to bring me down are mirtzapine, gabapentin, buprenorphine, soma, or if you’re out of beer, a glass of red wine shouldn’t hurt but don’t take it from me. The above medications were in no way intended to be taken all at the same time, but one can replace another. Use a internet resource with a drug interactions calculator such as or medrx. If you are coming down from anything directly related to amphetamine, put adderall into the interaction calculator. If l meth is your poison then input Desoxyn instead. Be careful not to drink alcohol if you still have heavy amounts of speed in your blood as some medical sites named a rare couple of incidents where alcohol actually raised levels of desoxyn causing a cardotoxin resulting in fatal events.
    This is a good reason to always check interactions as there is often a bigger picture when it comes to mixing medications such as different liver enzymes converting seemingly harmless meds into toxic ones.

    Some of the greatest advice given by the gentleman who posted the original was to get a shower, and make sure to eat. This tells your body that you intend on taking care of it again so that it could use the little strength left in you to help repair the damage. Also you are going to feel like Crap until the dopamine and other essential depleted neurotransmitters return to near bassline levels. You need food and sleep for this to occur.
    Last thing I want to leave you with – and I’m very hesitant to do so because I don’t want any of you to think I’m trying to sound better than. I am crashing right now actually so for what it’s worth : Have you ever wondered where all the tweakers are from the 50s and 60s? There isn’t many of them is there? That’s because if they didn’t die extremely young, the cops threw them into prisons to rot. It happened before and will again. When big Pharma sees it getting out of control and they start losing money on their add meds for the kids, and diet pills for the girls, they will irradicate us. The good news, we have each other and the Internet, and we can do our best to help one and other find ways out of this trap. Although it might seem fun when you’re in your twenties at a rave, please understand, there is not a positive thing that can come from being a tweaker in your 30s if you make it that far!
    Ok I am done preaching, I just really don’t want you guys to see the horror I’ve seen. I made it out though. IT IS POSSIBLE!

  12. I have been a drug addict for over 35 years now. Must say Meth saved my life. Got me off of the Freebase Cocaine. I had three heart arrhythmia episodes smoking coke. One thing about the meth the end result is psychosis.. Its fun for a while. The come down can be lessened with the Benzo’s and a little beer. The appetite will come and a vitamin with the food is great. Get back out into life and exercise is a good idea.
    The hardest part of staying off of meth is all the fun times and the great sex and just being able to say fuck the world for days on end. I have had many tough come downs and today I am choosing to take care of myself and get busy having fun and going camping and fishing, and driving my Corvette around. If you can do it wisely then my hat is off to ya. Me I have a tendency to experience things to the max, if you know what I mean. I think I am just gonna chill for a while and count my blessings……. Yaaaaaaa

    • Thank you for sharing mate!

      Your inspiring words have inspired myself – have left the world of methamphetamine (ab)use after days of cold shake IVs sent me to the ER for kidney failure (600+ creatinine levels). The doctors thought I was going to die when the levels didn’t come down after the second day on emergency dialysis through my neck.

      …and you know what, when I got discharged after 2 weeks, I went right back at it.

      I have switched to opiates, heroin and Oxycontin mostly and one day decided to quit and got on Suboxone (buprenorphine + naloxone).

      I’m glad you’re clean and reading your comment made me happy that people can get out. I do agree, exercise and the great outdoors, doing the things you love is what’s ultimately going to be best.

      Take care buddy, whoever you are.

  13. First time i came down was cold turky, second time was pretty bad. I quit for 4 years, cold turky. Did it again, in a very controled maner, (.2 lasted me 2 days) i found that when you are quiting for long periods, it has always helped me to concentrate on the glass, then smash it under foot. I know its a rough ride down, but a friend gave me some valium, so i figured i would try it. Its been 2 hours and i feel a hell of alot more at ease, and not sketchy. Only problem is i still cant sleep.
    I can handle this thanks to this info,:-):-):-)!!!!!

  14. I’m just coming down off some next level strong base/speed.. I only tend to do 3 nights on a binge never have a problem trying to sleep, I never try to thats what causes a bad come down. you start thinking about shit too much.. then before you know it your anxiety levels have just had a boost of the rocket fuel. I’ve always stuck to my own little methods to get me on my way. If you’re like me then being awake for 3 nights can provide you with something to kill a bit of time. Leave it about 7/8 hours after the final dabble and start on the cans of larger, never watch tv always keep to the music. If you time this right then the cans will go straight to the head cos you haven’t ate in 72 hours. If you start drinking them too early though, the tackle will just overpower the booze and you will drink about 3 times as much overall, probably end up on the super strengths… finally after enjoyin trippin balls for a couple of hours, when your feeling wobbly and giddy as hell, get a bacon sandwich on the go quickly to enjoy before the long rest. Works every time for me and I suffer with anxiety myself on a normal day.

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