BOMBA REDenergy drink

BOMBA RED energy.

I found this interesting looking drink at 7 Eleven. It’s in a glass
bottle shaped like a hand granade, complete with the pull off cap
looking like the priming pin in a grenade. The bottle costs RM 3.50 for
250 ml and it’s marketed as an “energy drink”.

Open your mind.

Unless my math is screwed up (and I’ve always stated that this is
very possible), the bomb shaped glass bottle contains a paltry 37.5 mg
of caffeine. The label states that the total caffeine content is 150
mg/l and the bottle is 250 ml. The product is made in Austria.

Bomba RED label.

The speel on the label also says that it’s a “Carbonated energy
drink with taurine, caffeine and guarana.” and has a warning stating
“Pasteurized. Not recommended for children, diabetics and persons
sensitive to caffeine.”. I’m interested to know why a non-dairy based
drink need to be pasteurized.

Photo of BOMBA RED energy – different angle.

Anyway, back to the taste of Bomba Energy Red, it tasted like
raspberries. It’s quite sweet, refreshing and tastes better than other
energy drinks. I can’t really vouch for the “energy” behind these
“energy drinks” though…I don’t mean to sound like a “chemical snob”,
but I’m just used to stimulants that are stronger than what caffeine

However, the eye catching packaging and the novel hand grenade
design glass bottle would make this an interesting purchase. The
attention to detail is attractive, it even has those squarish tiles
covering the surface of the bottle. I would say it’s worth the RM 3.50
price just for the nice presentation.

The empty Bomba bomb shaped glass botle.

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