Bread Story

breadstory story

Psst…let me tell you a story. A BreadStory. It’s one of the hottest stories going around.

It’s a story about Hand Parcels…

breadstory hand parcel

Hand Parcel
RM 2.50
Like its name, it’s wholly hand-crafted. Tender juicy chicken stewed
in a special gravy and bundled up with this special wrap. Please untie
parcel with Mouth only!

about Golden Pillows…

breadstory golden pillow

Golden Pillow
RM 2.50
A soft pillow of golden treasures like our very own creation of
sambal shrimps with chicken floss rolled into a delicious pillow.

and about Flossy Hotties.

breadstory flossy hottie

Flossy Hottie
RM 2.60
A new taste of Spicy chicken floss specially prepared for this
exotic Hottie! Special spices with special cream, another BreadStory’s

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