McDonald's Fish McDippers

fish mcdippers bucket

Fish McDippers is the latest addition to the McDonald’s menu over
here. It’s like Chicken McNuggets, except it’s made with fish instead
of chicken. This gives it a soft and spongy texture which is quite
pleasing. McDonald’s Fish McDippers comes in two sizes – the photo
above shows the large “mini bucket” which contains 6 of the fish
nuggets and retails for RM 4.90.

fish mcdippers large
Here’s a look inside the six piece container.

It’s also available in a smaller size, which usually comes with
Happy Meals, but can be purchased separately for RM 2.95. The small 4
piece box has…er, four pieces of the deep fried, batter coated, fish

fish mcdippers box

It is wonderfully crunchy and crispy on the outside, but retains the
soft, slightly undercooked and delicious fish flesh on the inside.

fish mcdippers small
This is what the 4 pack looks like, when opened.

The Fish McDippers comes with tartar sauce – which goes well with fish.

mcd tartar sauce

Unlike the sauce mini containers in Australia, the ones here are free instead of the A$ 0.30 they charge over there.

Instructions for use:

fish mcdippers dip

1. Grasp one Fish McDipper with your fingers and insert the nugget
into the open tartar sauce container. Dip the exterior surface with the

fish mcdippers eat

2. Open mouth and take a bite out of the piece. Repeat.

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