The coffee shop with no name

coffeshop with no name

I went to this coffee shop for dinner tonight. It doesn’t have a
name. It’s just a couple of tables and chairs along the roadside at
Jalan Abell.

no name waitress

The waitress took our order. A little kid sat beside us watching.

no name stove

The order went to the little cooking place in the corner.

tong gua longan hai cha

I had two glasses of tong gua long yuen hai cha ping. It’s buah kundur (don’t know the English name for this), longan, and hai cha.

hai cha

I don’t know what hai cha is, but it looks like this.

no name taiwan noodles

I had a plate of Taiwan fried noodles. It was served with gravy and
the waitress told me it was spicy. This photo is out of focus.

no name belacan kueh tiaw

I had a plate of belacan fried kueh tiaw. It was served dry. Every
plate has two pieces of fried chicken fillets on it. This photo is not
out of focus.

no name lemon chicken

We shared a plate of lemon chicken.

I was ready to throw up after eating all that.

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