huygens rm3072

Behold! RM 3,072.25 – that’s three thousand and seventy two dollars, twenty five cents. =D


This is my paycheck for September 2004. It’s the largest legitimate paycheck I’ve ever received. w00t!

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7 Responses to “RM 3,072.25 – paycheck for September”

  1. you mean you have earned more illegetimately? :)

  2. Oooo.. so you were working with Huygens before.. :)

  3. eksk: Erm…yeah, I used to. USED to being the key word here. :)
    ahlost: Yup, you know Huygens from Jordan? :)

  4. Not really from Jordan.
    Boss somehow, I dunno how, got CCTV system from Huygens.. so yah.. Jordan was the person I used to contact when I’ve probs.. But I think he quit the job edi :x

  5. ahlost: Ah icic! Which year was that? I was working in Huygens for quite a long time – System Engineer, doing the infrastructure planning and proposals and meeting with clients. Jordan is technical servicing, don’t know if he’s still there. :)

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