Sega2 Mini Video Games #3 – Tails Soccer

tails soccer

Tails Soccer is the third in the Sega2 and McDonald’s joint venture
promotional series. Basically, you get to purchase one with every
McDonald’s meal for RM 6. Tails Soccer comes in the now standard spiffy
Sega2 packaging, with box and all the frills.

tails soccer wrap

The plastic wrap it comes in is also the standard Sega 2 packaging,
with the name of the game and the character printed in monotone on the
outside and the game with a manual (a nice word for a piece of paper)

tails soccer man

The manual is superfluous really, its just the same three stage,
game goes faster as you up a stage, left-middle-right movement typical
of the Sonic Team Sega2 games.

tails soccer man chi

What I found unusual is that the back of the manual has the
instructions printed in Chinese (Mandarin) as well. That wasn’t the
case with the others in the series.

tails soccer game

Tails Soccer itself is molded like a console game controller, but it
seems to be meant for smaller hands than mine coz it wasn’t really
comfortable to play. There is no flip-top clamshell design this time,
just a standard mini video game design. It’s interesting to note the
similarities in the Sega2 Tails Soccer and the original Sega Knuckles Soccer []. Probably used the same chipset with minor mods.

tails soccer bg

Here’s the pre-painted background…same old, same old.

tails soccer play

Tails! God dammit, you missed the ball!

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