pati ikan haruan

I’ve heard of essence of chicken. Brand’s Essence of Chicken is like a household name over here. Essence of fish – now that’s new to me. I’ve never heard of essence of fish before, and was surprised to find one. This is Pati Ikan Haruan dengan Amerika Ginseng or Essence of Fish with American Ginseng.

essence of fish contents

It lists the popular radix ingredients used in traditional Chinese herb preparations in the contents. Ikan Haruan is written down as Cyprinus carpio which is the common carp. However, some sources translates Ikan Haruan as Channa striatus or Ophiocephalus striatus which is the infamous Asian snakehead fish.

essence of fish bottle

Here’s what the bottle looks like. It’s the classic design which
follows the time-honored form factor of the Essence of Chicken/Bird’s
Nest with Rock Sugar bottles. It’s a thick glass bottle with a tear-off
aluminum top which then reveals a thin cap which can be twisted off

essence of fish ginseng

Notice that this Essence of Fish is made in The People’s Republic of
China. This is supposed to be Healthy Stuff (TM) which parents used to
cram down their children’s throats while they’re swotting for exams.
You ask me, methamphetamine works much better than this placebo shit. ;)

essence of fish drink

It tasted fishy, as I expected. It tasted very, very fishy. Fishy stuff, revisited. Drink up, it’s good for you. ;)

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