NEXT cigarettes review

next whats new

Philip Morris International has recently launched a new brand of
cigarettes called Next to fill the void left when the Malaysian
cigarette tax hike priced their flagship Marlboro brand out of the
reach of lower income bracket smokers at RM 6.50. Next is the new wave
of cigarette brands that retails at RM 4.50 – close to the “old”
(pre-tax hike) prices of mid-range cigarettes.

next cigarette packs

Next cigarettes comes in the standard two established tobacco
industry standard types – full flavored and lights (mild). The full
flavored packs comes in a darker shade of blue than the lights. The
design of Next cigarettes is minimalist, with just a characteristic
“streak” down the box aligned with the X of NEXT.

next cigarettes

The full flavored packs taste like a milder version of Marlboros –
and that’s not a bad thing at all. PM did well with NEXT, it tastes
like their premium flagship brand but is priced at a very affordable
price at RM 4.50 for a post cigarette tax hike.

next lights

I won’t bother with NEXT Lights, since the full flavored version is
already like a watered down Marlboro so you can imagine what the Lights
taste like…

next cigs fault line

There is one minor gripe I have with the quality of the cigarettes
though – all of the NEXT cigarettes (both full flavored and lights)
have a distinctive defect in the wrapper. There is a fault line running
down every cigarette, which seems to make the cigarette look fragile.
However, testing the cigarette by rolling a cannabis cigarette (which
stress tests the wrapper integrity) proved me wrong…the “fault line”
is not a bad wrap at all – the wrapper didn’t open up or tear at that
line (where I expected it to). It’s just the way NEXT cigarettes are
made – it’s not a structural integrity issue at all. Nice.

next cigs best thing

I like Next cigarettes since I smoke Marlboros and NEXT basically
taste the same, and it comes from the same tobacco company as well. The
retail price of RM 4.50 is making me switch from Marlboros to NEXT full
flavored cigarettes.

NEXT cigarettesThe next best thing… ;)

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    • I agree that’s pretty pathetic for something that is legal?????Most company’s even liquor has contests and other promotions unlike us dirty ass smokers that can’t smoke them anywhere we get nothing but well they give us other PRIZES

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  7. Hello…… what is up with the gross tongue on the new packs they are legal so they should have free stickers or gum for the price we pay for them a calender would be nice or some gold ribbons on the damn things nothing like that everybody knows what they do to us, we’re not stupid. So booze should have drunk dead people on it or somebody’s pants around their ankles or people pissing on police cars anyway really people this is ridiculous. Long time B&H fan for now…..

  8. I live in Canada, where the nico-nazi’s, in their zeal, forced the government to put warnings covering 3/4ths of the package, leaving no room for the ingredient list that they used to have. The Next brand smokes don’t have that chemical-y taste to them, unlike some of the so-called ‘premium’ smokes, and they are quite tolerable for the price. Although I smoke a pipe, usually, the cigs are handy when I don’t have time to mess around putting a kit together when I have to go somewhere.

    Nice looking blog, BTW.

  9. HELLO,I AM NANCY, I am emailing you to tell you I opened a pkg of NEXT CIGS and took one out on doing so I saw one that had abit of red on the filter. looks like blood or nail polish the cig it self was very thick. just thought you should know

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