Huygens Asia office tour

huygens office

Huygens Asia is the surveillance solutions provider and systems
integrator that I work with. This is our soon-to-be ex-office (we’re
moving end of this month) at Jalan Padungan. The office is being
shifted to a place of our own in 2 1/2 Mile in Kuching as well as a
simultaneous move to setup a branch office in KL (will be going there
soon to oversee operations). This is a write-up of the office that I’ve
been working in for nearly two years.

huygens office back

The current office in Jalan Padungan is shared with AT&A Home
Ideas, an interior design firm (which is kinda like our sister
company). We’re on the first floor while they occupy the ground and
third floor (yes, there is a third floor, much to my initial surprise).
This is the back entrance that we usually use as the car park is
located there. Notice the surveillance cameras mounted at the front and
back of the office? There’s a lot more inside. ;)

huygens office back walk

Let me give you a tour of this office and its inhabitants before we
move…this is the back doors that we usually go into after parking our
cars at the car park located behind. There’s no parking in front, only
stop-over parking lots.

huygens office back walk in

The doors leads to the back room of AT&A…

huygens office back walk in ata

…and we go straight through until we’re near the front show room of AT&A.

huygens office back walk in right

This is where we make a right and walk up the stairs to the first
floor. Notice the mirror? It’s very useful for checking yourself out
before you walk into the office. Just don’t drown in the reflection. ;)

huygens office back walk in up

We make a left at the stairs that leads up to…the Huygens Asia signboard.

huygens office signboard

This is Huygens Asia Sdn. Bhd. The door leads to…

huygens office door

an array of video conferencing units (which we’re not selling anymore) and surveillance cameras (which we’re still selling).

huygens office door view

The view pans to more surveillance cameras, an IT rack, and moving right…

huygens office reception

…the reception.

huygens office penny

This is Penny, who usually seats there.

huygens office alex

This is Alex on the technical workbench.

huygens office technical

Here’s the technical support staff…and moving on, we head into…

huygens office inner

The inner office which is currently occupied by the CTO, Marketing Manager and System Engineer (that’s me).

huygens office inner me

This is the workplace which I occupy between the hours of 8 am to 6
pm (usually). I like this place for the sole reason that my back is
against the wall. This allows me the luxury of being able to see most
of the office but not vice versa. ;)

huygens office me

This is me wearing a smirk that you’ll love to punch out of my face
for having my monitor and notebook facing backwards, and thus allowing
me to do whatever I want (such as updating this blog) without anyone
noticing. ;)

huygens office angel

The current Huygens Asia office is rented from Angel of AT&A.
We’ll be moving out to our own office space in 2 1/2 Mile, Kuching
(near the 3rd Mile Bazaar) and opening up a branch office in KL at the
end of this month.

You can access the various (12 – count them!) real time IP surveillance systems that we’ve put up in the office at the official Huygens Asia website
[]. Please feel free to surreptiously watch me at work
if you feel a burning need to do so. There are multiple demo
surveillance systems that allow you to do so. Oh, and purchase a GPRS/EDGE surveillance unit [] while you’re at it – it’s my ticket to London. :p

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