Thyme's Continental Cuisine review

thymes continental cuisine

Thyme’s Continental Cuisine is one of the
relatively new eating establishments to hit the scene. Thyme’s
Continental Cuisine is located at Chonglin Park and the previous lot
was occupied by a dangdut pub before Thyme’s took over.

thymes initial d

There are several sections in Thyme’s Continental Cuisine – there’s
an al fresco seating area to the front, a shaded patio with a juice and
coffee bar and the air conditioned interior. I noticed an Initial D
promotional poster and asked about it – the proprietor told me that
they have a promotional tie in with Star Cineplex.

thymes interior

Anyway, back to Thyme’s, the interior is a nicely decorated area
with subdued lighting. I’ve seen this place at night and I’ve always
thought the lighting is nice, if anything. Thyme’s Continental Cuisine
serves continental fare – there’s pasta, salads, various cuts of
steaks, club sandwiches and pizzas.

thymes pepsi

Intrigued by the Initial D The Movie promotional tie in, I ordered the Initial D Set Menu 1
(RM 25). It consists of miso soup, 86-Burger, tiramisu and a Pepsi. I
wanted to order Thyme’s Tempura Prawn Burger too, but the waiter
discreetly informed me that the “86-Burger” (as in AE-86 of the hottest
current franchise) is the exact same thing as the Thyme’s Tempura Prawn

thymes miso soup

This is the miso soup which came out first…it has that slight
cloudy-sediment formation that I associate with miso soup but seems to
have an alien ingredient (at first look) inside – bean sprouts!
Fortunately, it was just remnants from last night’s visual…er,
discrepancies (review coming up). It isn’t bean sprouts but wonderfully
soft small capped mushrooms. The miso soup also has shrimps inside, a
very nice touch, taste wise.

thymes initial d 86 burger

Next up, came the main course, which is the 86-Burger a.k.a. Thyme’s Tempura Prawn Burger.
;) The menu insert for Thyme’s Tempura Prawn Burger describes it as a
Tempura Prawn Burger with cheese and tonkatsu sauce served with Freedom
fries (kidding, it says French fries) and coleslaw. I like the
attention to detail in the 86-Burger – there are two wooden skews
tipped with colored foil to “hold” the burger in place and the coleslaw
is sprinkled with sultanas, providing a sweet twist.

thymes tempura prawn burger

Here’s a peek under the skirts of the 86-Burger – there are generous
amounts of large battered tempura prawns but I think the machine is
leaking tonkatsu oil…it can be toned down a little.

thymes pizza

I also ordered a pizza – this is The Thyme’s Pizza
(RM 17) which was recommended to me as the flagship of their pizza
line. It contains turkey ham, crab meat, mushrooms, pineapple and
chicken pepperoni. It’s an authentic Italian style flat crust pizza.

thymes pizza crust

The flat pizza was baked perfectly too, it comes highly recommended from me, but be prepared to wait.

thymes sundae

Unfortunately, the tiramisu was finished so they offered me a sundae
as a replacement dessert. I moved to the patio outside for dessert and
ordered a Mocha. The sundae has slightly salty batter coated peanuts,
which I found to be an interesting choice to implement in a sundae.
It’s unusual but surprisingly came out well.

thymes mocha

I also managed to chat with the very hospitable Mr Chan, who is the
proprietor, over a mug of Mocha. I asked him about the Initial D
promotional tie in with The Star and he kindly gave me a ticket for the
Initial D movie when it opens in theaters and gave me a good discount
on my bill too.

thymes initial d movie tickets

This is the Initial D movie pass that is valid at Star Cineplex.
This is one movie I’m looking forward to watching. Thyme’s Continental
Cuisine has a nice range of continental cuisine that will not
disappoint you. The food is affordable and the ambience is nice. It
comes highly recommended from me.

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