Guinness Stout Shake / Float Recipe (Stout with ice cream concoction)

guinness shake

The Guinness (or any other brand of stout) Shake (or Float) is a
delicious concoction made with stout (the dark beer) and ice cream.
It’s preferable to use vanilla ice-cream in this recipe as a flavored
ice cream adds an undesirable taste to the resulting drink, though
experimentation is encouraged.

There are various recipes for making a Guinness Stout Shake
and this one is a quick and dirty method of banging out a fast one
within minutes with ingredients that are readily available in your
kitchen (that is, if you keep beer in your fridge). ;)

1. Stout (the dark beer)

panther stout shake

Guinness Stout is my preferred stout of choice but Panther Superior Strength Extra Super Stout is a hyperbolic, but acceptable substitute as well. It’s cheaper than Guinness and I love the brewery’s name – Bali Hai. Heh!

2. Ice cream (vanilla)

guinness shake ice cream

It’s always a good idea to use premium ice cream (with an
appropriately high fat content and a correlating rich texture) instead
of quasi ice cream, but sometimes, we just have to improvise. ;) This
is Wall’s Paddle Pop “ice cream”. I just used the vanilla portion of
the dual flavor ice cream in the container instead of the chocolate

3. Mug (or a suitable receptacle)

guinness shake recipe

Purists would want to utilize the traditional glass used to serve a
perfect pint of Guinness Stout, but I think mugs are more practical for
this concoction. Since I don’t have either, I used a saucepan instead.
Improvise! ;)

This receptacle is where you put in the ice cream.

guinness shake catalyst

The next step is to open up the can of stout and pour the liquid
slowly into the receptacle with the ice cream in it. The stout will
start to foam as soon as it comes into contact with the ice cream. It
takes about a minute or so for the ice cream to fully dissolve and an
optional step at this point is to agitate the mixture to expedite the

guinness shake drink

Once the Guinness Stout Shake / Float is ready, pour the mixture
into a suitable drinking receptacle or just drink it straight from the
saucepan. It has a dark roasted coffee stout flavor tempered by the
sweet vanilla ice cream which creates wonderfully complex taste
textures complemented with a great aftertaste.

Enjoy! :)

Note: It is important to put in the ice cream
BEFORE the stout to control the catalyst of fizzing and foaming during
the mixing of the Guinness Stout float. It would be unwise to put ice
cream INTO a stout beverage, unless you want uncontrollable foaming to

Technically, this means that it’s a Guinness Stout shake and not a Guinness Stout float, but that’s arguing semantics. :p

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