Fun with indoor firecrackers or "How I Nearly Burned Down the House"

How not to light a firecracker 101

firecracker this is stupid

I was alone at home last night and decided to add some Chap Goh Meh cheer to the place. I had a couple of Chai Lei firecrackers
[] around (it’s a loud firecracker) and I have let them
off in the enclosed space that I call home before without adverse
consequences. However, this time I had to man the camera AND light the
firecracker at the same time, and unfortunately God, in His infinite
wisdom only gave Man two hands.

firecracker on fire

Download: Firecracker box burning []

I lost my lighter and had to use a match to light the firecracker
and me in my infinite wisdom, decided it was a good idea to light it
straight from the box which contains the rest of the Chai Lei
firecrackers. I lit the firecracker, prepared to aim the digicam at it,
and then I noticed that the shrink wrap on the firecracker box was
burning (!!!).

I tried to blow out the flames (again, me and my infinite wisdom)
and it just accelerated the burn rate AND the lit firecracker was still
in my hand. I had a brain fart and threw the firecracker away before
overturning the burning box into a towel and hoped for the best.

firecracker bad thing

My hands were shaking from the nearly adverted catastrophe. It would
not have been pretty for the box of Chai Lei firecrackers to go off all
at once indoors.

It would be decidedly a Bad Thing (TM).

firecracker singe fuse

Download: Firecracker fuse singed []

I did another take and bad luck seems to come in twos (or is that
threes) coz I dropped the (still lit) match into the box, before it
bounced out, making it come into contact with an unlit fuse and
singeing it. I did not realize it and only noticed it after the fact.
The tip of the Chai Lei firecracker fuse nearly caught on fire and
would have set off a chain reaction which would probably burn the place
down (since I didn’t even know it happened).

The worst thing is, my fire extinguisher hasn’t even been inspected
since I moved in and I live on the top floor and the any fire-related
incidents would probably leave…er, collateral damage.

Yeah, I know, I’m the epitome of a responsible citizen. ;)

firecracker perfect

Download: Indoor Chai Lei firecracker []

firecracker dont try this at home

This is a perfect take. It’s fun to light Chai Lei firecrackers
indoors for a change. It’s also fun to throw several into an electric
kettle indoors and see if the metal/plastic would hold the blast or
send sharp shards all over the enclosed space.

You just might win the Darwin award. ;)

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4 thoughts on “Fun with indoor firecrackers or "How I Nearly Burned Down the House"”

  1. Hahaha, you crazy guy ;-)
    I actually recognise these firecrackers. They are illegal in my country, however still readily available through Belgium or Poland. Wouldn’t even think of lighting these indoors and/or holding them in my hand. These things are pretty loud and powerful :-)

    • Haha! I was an idiot at the time. :)

      Yeah, I’ve been playing with this since I was a kid and we usually wait for the primer to go off before lobbing them (so it can explode underwater). Stuff kids do. I think I relived my second childhood then.

      It’s illegal here too. There’s a larger salute over here (4 times the size) and with much more flashpowder. However, since it’s Sibu, being illegal doesn’t stop the things from coming in so it’s available every year.

      A bit of a menace when you’re trying to sleep though. ;)

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