Hershey's Swoops – Irresistible slices of chocolate candy!

hersheys swoops aisles

Hershey’s Swoops is a relatively new product which is the epitome of chocolate research and psychological studies. Okay, maybe it’s not that
groundbreaking, but I still think it’s the greatest thing since sliced
bread! The official description goes “Hershey’s Swoops are curvy, solid
chocolate slices delivering an indulgent, mouth-melting experience”.

hersheys swoops

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Swoops retails for RM
12.90 and comes in cardboard canisters containing three snack-pack
cups, each containing six Swoops slices for a total of 18 slices of
chocolate. Slices of chocolate. You heard me right. Hershey’s Swoops is
chocolate slices shaped and molded in the vein of potato chips
(crisps). OMG!

hersheys swoops box

The back of Hershey’s Swoops has a photo of the delicious slices of
chocolate in actual size. The text goes “Hershey’s Swoops are the
essence of your favorite chocolate candy. The unique shape envelops
your mouth in chocolate bliss. Take a moment to experience
Swoops…anytime, anywhere”.

hersheys swoops cups

The cardboard box of Hershey’s Swoops opens up to reveal three
individually sealed cups containing 6 slices (slices!) of chocolate. I
like the snack-packs design although I feel it’s redundant since you
can’t just eat one!!!11oneone (as Lay’s would put it…damn the person
who invented potato chips / crisps).

hersheys swoops cup open

This is what the Hershey’s Swoops looks like. It looks like potato
chip (crisps) shaped chocolate…and it’s the same size as an average
tongue so putting the chocolate slice in your mouth and letting it melt
covers the entire mouth with chocolate.

hersheys swoops slice

It’s an experience to behold…if you haven’t had Hershey’s Swoops
yet, you haven’t experienced the amazing difference the shape can do to
the taste and sheer texture. It’s like methamphetamine…you think
insufflating (snorting) it is great, but wait till you smoke it! You
think smoking meth is great, but wait till you bang (IV injection) it!

hersheys swoops slices

Hershey’s Swoops is the IV method of eating chocolate in the analogy
above. You put the tongue shaped chocolate slices into you mouth, close
it, taste the rich, milky chocolate enveloping your entire senses
and…chocolate rush! OMG!

Hershey’s Swoops is really an experience to
behold…it’s amazing that a commercial chocolate manufacturer can come
out with chocolate that would revolutionize the chocolate industry. The
chocolate slices produces a totally different experience to eating

Disclaimer: sixthseal.com does not condone the use
of Hershey’s Swoops. It should be noted that eating Hershey’s Swoops
can be addictive to people with a history of drug and alcohol
dependency. Please do not share Hershey’s Swoops…it would be consumed
faster than you can imagine. ;)

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