Hershey's Symphony 1/2 Pound Bar Creamy Milk Chocolate

hersheys symphony chocshop

Hershey’s Symphony is a milk chocolate candy bar
made by the largest chocolate manufacturer in the United States. I
picked it up at ChocShop at the airport during my flight back earlier
this week.

hersheys symphony chocolate bar

Hershey’s Symphony retails for RM 14.90 and is made by Hershey Foods
Corporation in the US. The bar looks rather retro with its linear lines
and beige background superimposed with the stylized text “Symphony” in
classic red.

hersheys symphony pound

The chocolate bar weighs 1/2 a pound, a fact that is proudly
declared on the lower left side of the wrapping. This contributes much
to the retro look as does the scheme – it’s meant to look like sheet
music (as in music sheets, not shitty music).

hersheys symphony open

The 1/2 pound milk chocolate bar opens up to reveal blocks of
chocolate with the Hershey’s logo on it. I had forgotten about it ever
since I left it on the office table when I came back to Kuching until
just now. I had it for lunch.

hersheys symphony blocks

Hershey’s Symphony tastes like mid-range milk chocolate – with potential, but never quite achieving greatness. It was a good lunch nonetheless.

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