PlayStation 2 (PS2) with Vertical Stand and 8 MB Memory Card

ps2 slim

I purchased a PlayStation 2 slim form factor console with a Vertical Stand and 8 MB Memory Card (both PS2 official accessories sold separately). It comes with two DUALSHOCK 2 Analogue controllers and 10 “copied” (a euphemism for intellectual property theft) DVD games for RM 590 in KL.

ps2 tv tuner

It’s a pretty good deal. I don’t have a TV at home so I use a USB TV Tuner with a mini Component AV Cable (compatible with PS2)
to use either my notebook screen or the PC monitor at home to play the
games. It works well and the resolution is great (up to 1280 x 1024).
The USB TV Tuner comes at RM 220 and can be used with an external
antenna to watch free to air broadcast stations too.

I don’t think the PS/2 really needs a review since
it’s a pretty old console so I’ll put up some photos regarding the
setup of the system – using a USB TV Tuner with a mini Component AV
Cable to a PC monitor/notebook.

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