Frappe review


Frappe is a coffee establishment located in
Travillion Mall. I went there with Joanne last month to check it out
and haven’t gotten around to writing about it until now.

frappe interior

The interior of Frappe is pretty trippy and you would be forgiven
for thinking you accidentally dropped some acid while looking at the
reflective full length mirrors.

frappe red chairs

There are also cup shaped chairs as lounges in the inside of the air-conditioned coffee establishment.

frappe coffee bar

The coffee bar at Frappe offers a range of cakes and other delights
(don’t ask me why I’m using weird words, my brain is malfunctioning
right now) showcased at the…er, bar.

frappe cake

I ordered a piece of chocolate cake that was called something fancy, moist Vienna chocolate cake or something to that effect.

frappe half

I also had something which I can’t remember the name of except it
has the name of the establishment on it which was why I ordered it. The
flagship dish, or drink, in this case is a half and half mixture of
milk and coffee.

frappe frappe

I also had Frappe which is the other namesake dish, or drink, which
was Mocha flavored and I don’t remember how much it cost coz I lost the
receipt (thus the incomplete names and prices) but I do remember
sitting there until they closed. Heh!

frappe carrot

This is Joanne’s drink – she had carrot juice. In a coffee
establishment. Honestly, I don’t know what’s wrong with her (other than
intolerance towards caffeine). ;)

Oh, so this is what has come to be – a self-parody of itself and a predisposition to use redundant fillers. :p

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