Lormetazepam (Loramet) benzodiazepine review


Loramet is a benzodiazepine that contains lormetazepam (also marketed as Noctamid)
made by Wyeth. It is a rather rare benzodiazepine and should not be
confused with lorazepam or loprazolam which are different
benzodiazepines. Loramet contains 1 mg of lormetazepam and I took 35
tablets (35 mg) this morning.


The pills are oval and scored, with the Wyeth imprint on one side.
It is a nice benzodiazepine, it chills me out really quickly and it
seems to have active metabolites coz I’m still feeling very relaxed.
Lormetazepam is marketed as hypnotic but I’m not feeling sleepy (high
benzodiazepine tolerance) at all. It is nice and sedating though…

I’m putting this in the same class as medazepam; it’s as nice as
medazepam on high doses. I would guesstimate that 1 mg of lormetazepam
(Loramet) is equivalent to 2 mg of lorazepam (Ativan) but it should be
noted that the two benzos feel completely different. There is a mild
euphoria on Loramet.

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