great teacher hb

I have been helping a friend out in tutoring and it is to my great consternation that the scholastic standards for school age kids nowadays seem to be increasing. I am not ashamed to report that I’m finding some of the subjects a little er…taxing, to say the least. ;)

do as i say

Teacher say, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

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19 Responses to “Great Teacher HB”

  1. avoid bad habit….
    leading the wild away from the kids.. ;)

  2. Ahahahhaha! Defecate? Faeces?
    I’m hoping this is science and not english :D

  3. hiyah, blood daddy from hell! ;)
    you didnt write down the chinese characters on her text book, did ya?

  4. ha ha ha… not bad… i tot they’re still using bm as science~

  5. I like this phrase and I should use it often.
    Teacher say, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

  6. oh cool, you’re tutoring? you have more patience than me, especially if you’re tutoring kids!

  7. it seems like a science book.
    but with a misplaced one liner which fell out of the pendidikan moral book.

  8. You’re right, that line is totally out of place!
    So glad you’re back and well, HB. I’ve told all my Sixthseal-fan friends! ;)

  9. Onizuka would be proud…

  10. great to see you back/alive ;)

  11. fred: haha! indeed. :)
    JW: it’s English for Science for Primary 4.
    cynthia: nope, i have trouble with writing my own name, much less other chinese characters. :)
    she wrote it. 10 year old, better chinese than me. :)
    clementwpy: hmm…they phased that out quite a few years ago. math and science are done in english now.
    Choonie: me too, it probably would be my mantra when i have kids of my own someday. :)
    Wuching: i am working on that actually. the patience thing. ;)
    tutoring kids is probably good practice.
    essentric: LOL! :) yeah, i was wondering about that too. doesn’t seem appropriate massed together with the human system.
    eve: it’s good to be back. :)
    skittles: heh! well, i am thinking about a career in teaching if things doesn’t work out. it takes a lot of courage to jump into that dead end street though…
    graceshu: it’s good to see you too grace. i too, have wondered if you were still with us on this mortal coil. ;)

  12. Teaching can be quite rewarding and lucrative if you play your cards right. But only switch careers if it is something you’re passionate about.

  13. Well, avoidance is at least not quite as judgmental as it could have been ;)
    Experiment, make up your own minds and then avoid!
    Like *everything* in life except buggery and incest, LOL!
    Grant S. (Formerly Intensecure)

  14. Skittles: hmm…i don’t think i’m really passionate about teacher. it honestly tests my patience. :) well said. :)
    and it’s good to have you back.

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