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  1. Dude, if you successfully transfer old blog from MT3.2 to MT4.1, what is the trick ? I am still having problem using the import/export method afraid that the “installation”method would screw up the blog. However, seems that I need to edit the “export.txt” to make the content smaller, about 400 posts per import.

  2. Aw jeez! A tentative 1st sex post as promised, not as saucy as i anticipated, but pregnant with possibilities, pun intended.
    Looking forwards to a more ‘in depth’ content. Haha

  3. LOL!
    was suffering a fucking hungover when i dropped by here. and almost died laughing my head off.
    was so nauseous and almost threw up after cracking up at your “saffron sami”.
    so i gather you’re now attached to someone?

  4. Justin: hmm…that is some mighty fine observational powers you have there, my friend. :)
    Choonie: OMG! no! it’s not her.
    cynthia: i’m working in sibu now. :)
    i don’t think they would give a refund, perhaps they would but i’m not inclined to write to kl to ask.
    fish fish: yup, and just in time for the sixthseal.com anniversary on the 19th of April. :)
    e: it’s good to be back eddie. :)
    and i haven’t done an import yet, so i don’t know the answer to that question.
    the backup i have is a direct HTML copy thanks to one of my readers and i’m just going to put it up that way since there’s no way i know of to import that.
    nyggle: thanks buddy. :)
    dr zhivagone: heh! this wasn’t the sex post. i had written a “review” of sorts, or an “experience report”, if you will of a one night stand i had (complete with photos and video) and i’m going to serialize it and put it up this week.
    this was just a photo op i saw after a particularly thirsty workout. ;)
    Irene: i’m not attached to anyone. i would classify this as an FB relationship, but that would be rather crude. i prefer the FWB tag. :)
    it’s more descriptive of the relationship we have.
    fred: 100 plus is my tweaking drink. :)
    OJ is my post-coital drink.

  5. Wow HB! Long time no see mate. Good to know you’re alive and kicking. Looking healthier than ever and still posting delicious food reviews.
    Welcome back and be well.

  6. You got a really useful blog. I have been here reading for about an hour. I am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me.

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