the happening

Please feel free to stick your umbrellas in me. I am not an umbrella stand but I don’t really mind…wait, the tree next to me is telling me to release a neurotoxin. Plant angry! Puny humans!

These people obviously haven’t watched The Happening.

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7 Responses to “Umbrella Plant”

  1. Where you took this pic?

  2. Ola nuffnanger!
    That’s an interesting pic! One of these days some huge ass spider or something equally alarming is gonna crawl into one of those umbrellas and the next thing you know….
    Peace Out

  3. Hi,
    I like to read your blog everyday..very interesting.

  4. hahaha are they trying to cut cost on the umbrella stand by utilizing the plants?

  5. oh i forgot one more thing, you should sending the photo to the star thumbnails section, see if you have any luck winning the RM50 hahaha

  6. hahahahahaah liked how you somehow menghubungkaitkan this picture with the happening.

  7. Roland: I can’t say. It will reveal too much about where I work. :)
    Tell you in email.
    Cyren: Well, I’m really scared of spiders so I’m glad I don’t have a habit of using umbrellas. ;)
    jessie: Thanks! Appreciate the kind comments.
    Darren: I don’t think so. It was a huge event and it was raining so people didn’t have places to put their umbrellas in.
    Hmm…I remember that. I should send a photo in someday. Not this one though.
    Irene: I have been watching a lot of movies as of late. Went and watched Wanted just now. Awesome movie, edge of the seat stuff. I loved it, you should watch it if you haven’t. A little bit over the top on the realism scale but part of the appeal.

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