KFC Toasted Twister

kfc toasted twister

KFC is having a new variant of their popular Twister Wrap. The KFC Toasted Twister is basically a toasted version of their Twister with the tagline “Great Taste On The Go”.

kfc twisted toaster colonel

I spoke to the good Colonel himself and he was promoting the KFC Toasted Twister combo with the toasted twister with honey pickled sauce, flavored fries, 7Up Revive, and a mini radio for RM 14.90.

kfc toasted twister combo

The a la carte Toasted Twister goes for RM 5.90 and my dining companion, not being a big fan of drinking fluids in general, opted for that instead.

kfc toasted twister phallic

I shall refrain from making any phallic jokes.

kfc toasted twister inside

The Toasted Twister tastes much better than the previous wrap. The honey pickled sauce is sweet and offsets the saltiness of the chicken inside the wrap. The toasting process also imparts a nice charcoal flavor to the wrap, which tantalizes the taste buds but probably wrecks havoc on your antioxidant diet. ;)

kfc radio

The combo meal also comes with a free KFC miniature radio that looks suspiciously like an iPod. This radio can also be purchased separately for RM 9.90.

kfc radio batteries

Batteries not included. I have mastered the art of camwhoring.

kfc oral

Please, no references to acts falling under crimes against nature laws.

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24 thoughts on “KFC Toasted Twister

  1. KFC over here launched toasted twsiter few years ago. It was a promotion along with Big Brother reality TV show.
    It’s like another ‘kebab’ version of Red Roaster Flayva. However, one thing I notice from Malaysian version is… OMG! Malaysian version of toasted twister is “ANOREXIC”!!! it is sooo ‘skinny’. ;)

  2. Wow….KFC time…
    not yet have chance to try that cause I’m sure that not enough for my 5 stomach…
    2 straw in a cup? sharing? Lol.
    I always like to drink the softdrink in what ever fast food it is, with 2 straw in one cup….I dont know why i’m like that but felt like more nice to suck with just 1 straw…

  3. Ying Yang: Ya lor…my lunch companion just drinks a little bit so I sometimes share with her. I am amazed at how little fluids some people drink coz I personally drink quite a lot (of non-alcoholic fluids).
    willchua: Haha! The mooning thing has been POHibited (TM). I mean Prohibited. I’ll tell you why when I see you some other time.
    cynthia: Hmm…I have never been a big fan of red Rooster, I don’t know why.
    Yeah, the Asian version is kinda skinny. I won’t be able to deep throat the Aussie version. ;)
    iono: Haha! Emulated sounds better. ;)
    nkwai: Wah, you got 1 more stomach than a cow. :)
    The straws at KFC are free so I just grab two lor. We usually drink from the same straw since…er, let’s just say that our saliva is already mingling in other ways. ;)

  4. Agree with Cynthia, M’sia Twister is so much thinner compare to Australia’s one.. Maybe that’s how Msia’s girl keep themselve so slim as well.. T__T

  5. Being to KFC weekly, I’ve never thought to try that Twister until my girl showed me the iPod look alike radio on the counter. I guess I’d like to try to have that this weekend. The previous Twister was suck so hopefully this one will suit my taste.

  6. mmm i wanted to get it yesterday at kch airport maybe wil get it soon. The thing i hate about kfc is that the food always look so different from the photos.

  7. haha, yup, i got more stomach than COW!….cause my name direct convert to cantonese is mean 5 stomach =___=”
    eh, I type something wrong at my last sentence on my previous msg, what I want to say was, I felt sucking 2 straw is nicer/better than sucking just 1 straw.. Lol…

  8. miumiu: Yeah, our twisters in general are thinner and perhaps shorter than the Caucasian versions. Localization and all that. ;)
    xin: Yeah, the average length and girth of our twisters seem to fall below the average of Caucasian countries. It’s genetics I think. Our chickens are smaller in size. ;)
    Cokelatrawkz: You can also buy the iPod radio thing for RM 9.90 (RM 9.80 in W.Malaysia) with any purchase of a chicken meal too. But the Toasted Twister is good. much better than the soggier regular twister last time.
    suituapui: Haha! Yeah, I believe that can be true. But I’ve always been told that SIZE DOESN’t MATTER and it’s the technique, I mean, taste, that counts! ;)
    …and another plus point of having a smaller twister is that the…diner, can insert more of it into her oral cavity at any point.
    Darren: Yeah, they have professional photographers and they arrange it and all that. The promo photos for the Toasted Twister would fall out of the wrapping if it were served that way. ;)
    nkwai: Wah! You like to suck 2 straw at one time? One not enough? ;)
    Sorry, mind in the gutter this morning. Haha!
    Primrose: Hmm…I don’t know. Batteries not included and I don’t have batteries lying around the house. It’s not an MP3, just a normal AM/FM radio. In fact I’m not even sure it’s an FM radio, perhaps just an AM radio. :)

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