Let me go down on you…


…no, get your mind out of the gutter. ;)

sixthseal.com was down for nearly two days coz my previous host suspended my account without notifying me of the reason(s) or replying to any of my emails. I think it’s due to the content from the archives, but somehow, from browsing through web hosting forums, it seems that the hosting company in question has a less-than-stellar reputation, to say the least.

I know I have been overloading their server (it seems that they only have one) from the CGI pulls and I have noticed my blog getting slower and slower especially when commenting. That would probably have been the prime reason my account was suspended without any feedback from their end and thus, I have lost all the posts and comments.

However, thanks to Google cache, I can start rebuilding the blog, and I will be doing that over the days. I have paid for two years with my previous host but it was relatively cheap (about USD 120) so I guess you get what you pay for. I have switched to a VPS now, which was what sixthseal.com was running on before I went for my enforced vacation. ;) It’s one of the best and though it’s not cheap, at least I can rely on it for good uptime and performance.

My apologies to all readers of sixthseal.com for the downtime. I will need some time to start rebuilding the blog since I don’t have a backup (in the grand tradition of sixthseal.com =_=!!!) so please bear with me while the process is slogging along. I will be concentrating on bringing the 2008 posts up first before resuming the Hari ini Dalam Sejarah project.

Thanks for reading, and my apologies for ranting a bit, I feel like I owe everyone an explanation. Cheers! :)

The phoenix will rise again…

It always does. ;)

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18 thoughts on “Let me go down on you…

  1. Hosting problems – the previous host just suspended my account. I had no backups but I am known for my perseverance, so I’ll get everything back up again by hook or by crook. ;)
    Thanks for reading buddy! :)

  2. HB, Nice to see blog back. My sister and I thought you were busy shopping around being metrosexual. Surprise host did not inform you ahead of time of matter. Which other companies does.

  3. HB, Well I know this entry will flood with concern bloggers wanting to know what happen but so glad you are back. Yes I thought you might have taken a trip and have no time to blog. Or gotten married or what not. Glad you did not have lost weekend or weekdays too.

  4. aw, no way. Can’t be true! Can’t…
    Your archive was truely awesome, I’ve read it quite frequently, just to remember the good old days, no…no, no…the memories. It’s so sad…

  5. Haiya HB thought you going hiding again. Its ok as long as you still operate 6 seal. Please look into the sign in comment box, I can’t sign in la

  6. Tongue piercing post is back up! Special delivery for you jessy, I’m supposed to be flying off soon for my sister’s wedding. :)

  7. i thought economic so bad that u can’t afford to pay the host’s bill :p u should really really think of changing the ‘tradition’ lah, you need to back up for your precious post ok!

  8. Your host won’t delete your files, they just suspend your site to ease the load of the server. You can ask them for backup and ask for partial refund if possible. I’ve done this before

  9. Come on dude you should know by now…any host that offers unlimited anything (bandwidth/storage) is bullshit and only caters to tiny sites with no visitors.
    You have decent traffic you have to pay for a decent host, it’s as simple as that.
    I hope you’re going to start backing up now..
    VPS is the way to go.

  10. I got the backups! =D
    I’m in KL now, going to delete the current contents except this post and get the backup to install while I go up. sixthseal.com will be down for a bit. Cheers all.

  11. Vickie: My previous host decided to suspend my account…and then unsuspending it without giving me a reason. Oh well, at least I can still access it and host another site on it (probably fireelement.com) for other stuff since it’s already paid for for 2 years.
    Amy: Yeah, and at least I still have access to my account so it’s fully backed up. The templates I still have to figure out how to get since the blog is a bit messy with sixthseal.com pointing ns1.sixthseal.com instead of the old nameservers but the full images will be up tonight! :)
    itsbone141: No worries, mate. The full posts and comments are up and the images will be completely up tonight. Templates will be up tomorrow and categories will be properly sorted tomorrow too. :)
    It’ll be the same as before tomorrow.
    anon: Yeah, that’s my account name…which has more piercings that I haven’t blogged about due to prevailing circumstances. :)
    Roland: No lah, I have no reason to hide now. Sorry for the sign in problems, it is now resolved! :)
    owllow: I already pre-paid for 2 years! I will be doing PROPER FULL BACKUPS from now on. I have lost too many stuff during my tenure with sixthseal.com
    Justin: True, it’s still there and they offered me the latest backup. I don’t want to backup via cPanel though coz it will revert back to MT 4 and I’m using MT 4.2 now, which I kinda like. :)
    …plus, too many posts have been made, which will have to be backed up again and I’m afraid of messing it up.
    KY: My apologies, the pings are sent automagically. ;)
    ShaolinTiger: Yeah, I should have known better. I was just in a hurry to get the blog up again when I came out of rehab, so I chose a host that had (then) a pretty good reputation.
    I’m definately going to do regular backups now and I’m on a VPS. :)
    Jen: Heh! Thanks for the support, and thanks for reading. :)
    alexallied: Cheers buddy! :)

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