nuffnang office

Nuffnang Singapore is organizing an event tonight so us Malaysian bloggers were invited to the event. There’s 18 of us is this bus and we’ll be reaching Singapore for the costume party later tonight.


We’re supposed to rendezvous at the Nuffnang office in KL, where the bus will shuttle us all the way down to KL. There’s a lot of familiar faces here, most of which you’ll recognize from the blogging scene.


Tumpang glamour a bit. Cindy!


Ginny Yap, who’s sick and half asleep.


Hugh Hefner impersonation.

Here’s a video of our road trip with everyone introducing themselves. More updates coming soon. :)

Suanie and gang came the latest and all she had to say was this. ;)

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20 Responses to “Road Trip: Malaysian Nuffnangers off to Singapore!”

  1. Can’t wait to see your poh huai bin laden’s look.

  2. That guy on the bottom left hand side of the photo is a friend of mine. Haha. Small world. Hope you’re having fun at the party Mr. Bin Laden :)

  3. Hello!
    The party tonight was good, wasn’t it? I recognize the bunny girl :)

  4. hie, I’m eiling from Fidani. Nice to meet you. Muahahaha… so fast la you. cekap.

  5. HB, that look like so much fun. My cousin’s wife is from Singapore and Chinese. Planing a trip to see Singapore later with family. My mom always wanted to see it very much. She is Cantonese and love to check out foods and fabrics everywhere.

  6. I recognized that guy in Mr Bump! =]
    He bought that tee from Tees4You!
    Looks good on him! =D
    Hope you had a blast at the party! =]

  7. So nice, I want to go too :p

  8. wa!a trip with other bloggers, so fun! :D

  9. My opinion: it’s funny those ang mo calls him ‘Bin Laden’ as his name is Osama bin Laden.
    How to call our PM?

  10. hahah i am so charming

  11. hahah i am so charming

  12. hahah i am so charming

  13. sweet! looks like it’s gonna be a fun trip. enjoy guys and girls! hope to see lots of pictures ^^

  14. Hb; I bet you will be a good Dad, From half a world away, I wish you Merry Christmas and may God Bless your Family ( all of them, in laws included, God help you). Not so bad; you will learn to Love them, after a while. I have Kin in England, Austria, and my sisters sons brother who lives in Tokyo.

  15. Efficient betul!

  16. I just got back. Have to work tomorrow, will reply all comments then. Cheers!

  17. Oi, Eiling, you checked the Remember Personal Info checkbox when you used my notebook last nite, wtf. BTW, that was me above. Huai Bin reporting here.
    Iz ok Eiling, I still heart you. :)

  18. you’re quick wehhhhhhhhh…

  19. Hey HB,
    Darn you update really fast.
    After reading your blog for so many years, it is finally really nice to see myself up on your blog !!!
    Really great meeting and chatting with you dude. Sarawakian Bloggers rock !!!!

  20. vvens: I used to be FASTER. Old liaw. :)
    Robin: Robin, it’s great to meet up with you dude. Great trip to Spore eh? :)

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