AJ Hackett G-Force X is dubbed as the highest slingshot ride in Asia – a reverse bungee jump inside a capsule pulling up to 5G’s, which is more than a MIG-25 fighter plane. It’s also described as an anti-gravity machine. I lost all my photos from Sunway Lagoon but thankfully I went for the DVD package so I still have the video on YouTube. :)

The ride cost about RM 30 (there is a 50% discount for MyKad holders) inclusive of the DVD and a “Certificate of Insanity”. I was in with an Iranian tourist, who looked rather nervous during the ride, but chilled out at the end. I didn’t think the ride was anything special, to be honest. 

It looks much better filmed from the outside – you can see the capsule slingshot up and get a scale of how high the ride is. It goes up to 65 meters reaching speeds of 120 km/h in 2 seconds before a sensation of weightlessness comes over you. It’s a pity I lost the video filmed from below together with the digicam at Sunway Lagoon. This video is ripped from the DVD featuring the camera inside the capsule.

I rate rides by whether it scares me or not and not one has ever put The Fear of God (TM) into my heart. However, it is a ride by AJ Hackett, and it’s worth a try with the discount for Malaysians.

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