Protex soap giveaway

protex giveaway

Protex came out with a new Aloe flavored (scented?) bar of soap and they were giving it away at Kelana Jaya. I saw two guys handing out the soap to people passing by while going out for lunch with my coworkers. This is the second time I’ve received freebies in Kelana Jaya – it seems to be a hotspot for working people.

protex aloe

It came just in time too – I have been neglecting my toiletries ever since my newly single status. The body shampoo ran out a couple of days ago and I am relegated to using shampoo as a substitute. Seriously.

soap tp

Dude, where’s my soap? Use TP much?

At last, I have proper soap to shower with again! =D

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23 thoughts on “Protex soap giveaway”

  1. estherlei: I used soap all my life until 2008. Seriously. :)
    Stanley Carter: I’m down to my last roll. Remind me tomorrow. ;)
    Jus: Gotta go grocery shopping tomorrow then. The essentials at least. ;)
    ShaolinTiger: Haha! Thanks buddy, will do. :)
    Edi神: LOL! I love that. Release more syiok. Heh!
    Myhorng: I haven’t seen it around KJ but will keep a lookout.
    chriso: Haha! But what are you going to use when you’re staying at the hotel?
    Cheryl: Dove eh? Yeah, I’ve used that before too. I prefer body shampoo nowadays, it’s much faster. :)
    foodcrazee: I’m actually a soap guy, have been using soap all my life until 2008. Seriously. But since I got into body shampoo, I never really went back. It’s faster to lather. :)

  2. Darren: I have noticed that using soap in an air conditioned environment will cause your hands to chap…
    Naoko: Heh! I’m usually so bushed by the time I get off work that I couldn’t be bothered to go. I need to go today though, running out of laundry detergant.

  3. Simon Seow: Haha! Hmm…
    Yeah, I use shampoo, which reminds me, I need to get some Dynamo later.
    hitomi: Ya, seriously pokkai this month. I didn’t recognize you too many people, will say hello during the next event. :)
    Eh, yum cha next week if you free. :)

  4. That soap is getting very popular in states. Yet it depend on one skin type still. This soap is sold in health food stores a lot.

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