MDG 2 Winners

mdg 2 winners

I just came back from the MDG 2 season finale. The winners are:

1. Juanita
2. Pinky
3. Dawn

Just for the record, I was rooting for Dawn but apparently my SMS votes are not enough to overcome the 20k (!) lead by Juanita. ;)

Full post of the Malaysian Dream Girl Season 2 finale up tomorrow morning!

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12 thoughts on “MDG 2 Winners”

  1. ShaolinTiger: Yeah, me too, but was still hoping Dawn could pull a last minute rally. :)
    Gin: Yeah, I thought Juanita is likely to win too. :)
    Jac: Thanks Jac! :)
    It was awesome to meet up with you!
    panda aka racoon: Yup! :)
    Shirley Snow: Hmm…I am more impressed with Dawn’s personality than anything though. :)
    debra fong: Oh, thanks! Fixed.
    It was more of a comprehension error than a typo, I’m afriad to admit. ;)
    ougboys58200: I was rooting for Dawn too. :)

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