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Greetings! I am in Penang. :)


I woke up at 5 am this morning (!). I asked Wai Ching for the KL taxi number last night and she gave me a number which I took down in my sleep deprived state. I only realized that it’s HER number from the 016 prefix after a while and she sent me to KL Sentral earlier this morning. Cheers for that WC! :)


The taxi fare I saved was used to pay for overpriced items like RM 2 bottled water and RM 8 Smints at the airport departure shops. :p


Our flight was cancelled so we got on the second flight out of KLIA. The original flight was scheduled to depart at 9:15 AM but MH 1138 did not 38 (fly up – literal Mandarin pronunciation of the numbers). We were put on the 11:10 to Penang.

shut eye

Jesus, if I knew the flight was going to be cancelled, I would have gone for the other flight instead (the one I’m being put on) and caught a little bit more shut eye.


It was such an ungodly hour to be up and about that even the clerks at the KLIA shops were asleep. ;)

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29 thoughts on “ does Penang

  1. Cheryl: See ya tomorrow! :)
    shaoweii: Thanks! I’m already having fun. :)
    You have a great weekend too k?
    Anthea: Thanks Anthea! I will. :)
    You have an awesome long weekend too!
    Anyway, I’ll be in Penang until Sunday night, anyone who wants to meet up can text or call me at 016 888 2069. Cheers! :)

  2. wow..
    r u staying in cititel?
    i am leaving penang tmrw. for sibu!! yay..
    miss sibu so much. =)
    enjoy ur stay!

  3. Nice salute. Your not planning world domination are you? You see I remember there was this guy back in the 1930’s………. ah well, tell you another time.. Enjoy your stay in Penang.

  4. btw,
    my friends said that we’re only will go to queensbay n gurney…
    can’t imagine that sunday…
    PS: my friends n i = 30+ppl =”=

  5. HB, Glad you enjoying trip. Here is like Scifi a almost Code Red in Germs Warfare. People goes only to places when have to. Cleaning everythings like streets ect. Now it raining which is good to wash away germs of H1N1 flu.
    America learned from China mistake in reporting it early as possible better careful than sorry later.

  6. oops. u left from KL to Penang.
    And I am the other way round. I left from penang.
    so can’t meet a blogger that come to penang. if not i can become an amateur tour guide to u.
    MAS also cancel flight? really “no eye to see”

  7. Heyyy there. This is my first time commenting on your blog, but I just thought I’d drop a line, being a true-blue Penangite. (Ha, food is awesome here!)
    Yes. The food is awesome here. I’ve been living here most of my life and it’s still awesome. Have fun with the food, and have fun with all the pre-war, historical buildings we have scattered all around Georgetown. ;)
    In short, enjoy yourself! *wavewave*

  8. cynthia: Oh, I’ll STILL be here. My flight back is 8:40 PM. :)
    What’s your Malaysian number? Mine is 016 888 2069.
    benjy8769: Yup, I’m still at Cititel…using their overpriced WiFi. :S
    Enjoy Sibu. :)
    Jeff: Haha! Yes, that was what I was trying to do. Mein Kampf. ;)
    John: Yeah, that was very nice of her. :)
    shimmers999: My number is 016 888 2069. :)
    Yeah, it’ll be fun. :)
    vincent: Cheers! :)
    It’ll be fun, enjoy your stay in Penang!
    fish fish: Thanks! Working on Labor Day? Or is Labor Day on a different date in the US?
    vincent: Hitting the shopping malls in Penang?!?!?! You can do that in KL anytime.
    Er…but I did go to the Gurney shopping mall though. :)
    chefmel: I ate quite a lot. The famous one at Lorong Selamat and Gurney Drive CKT. :)
    Erica: Yeah, the papers today was talking about a suspected case in Penang too. I don’t mind getting A(H1N1). I think it’ll be fun, since the mortality rate is so low. ;)
    mknace: Yup, I checked in at KL CAT so I needed to be there 2 hours before the departure. It takes time for the luggage to be sent to KLIA.
    Everything Malaysia: Ah, it would be fun to meet up.
    Anyway, MAS cancelled due to a technical problems on the plane. Not actually avoidable. Got RM 15 meal vouchers though – ate at Delifrance so it’s all good. :)
    mars: Yeah, I ate so much I probably gained 10 kgs. :)
    Enjoy eating! :)
    Emmelyn: Thanks Emmelyn! :)
    I visited all the places I wanted to go, and some additional ones to boot. The only ones I missed were Penang Hill (we went there but the tickets were sold out) and Batu Ferringhi (too far). :)
    dragoncity: Tune Hotel was fully booked.
    MAS is actually quite cheap – heard from a friend that she managed to fly for RM 60+ inclusive of airport tax.
    Mine was more expensive (on paper). I flew for free. ;)

  9. Not that far, really. I, myself drove up there just last night. The shops were open. (who cares about the rain, right? :p) If you’ve got the time next time, you should give it a try. It’s fun. ;)
    And Penang Hill is not all it’s cracked up to be, though there -are- some very pretty bungalows up there that’d make just about anyone jealous. XD

  10. YilingL: The taxis rip off tourists and we kinda look like tourists. :)
    I got a friend to pick me up and send me to the airport (see second photo) so I didn’t take a taxi. :)
    Emmelyn: Nice! I would drive up but on a Labor’s Day weekend? It would be just asking for a serious case of road rage. ;)
    Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly?
    Eh, wrong quote, sorry.
    Penang Hill sounds fun though – wanted to head up but all the tickets were sold out way in advance until 8:30 PM.

  11. Ha! That’s why you get up there at the most ungodly hours of the morning, i.e. 7:30 AM. Then it’s quite easy to get a ticket up.
    And, surprisingly enough, there weren’t a lot of people in Batu Feringghi. It was actually kinda… not-as-packed-as-I-imagined.
    THEN again, maybe I’m just used to it. XD

  12. Emmelyn: Hmm…I shall try that next time. All the tickets were sold out way in advance, leaving the late night ones. :)
    Oooh, we should have gone to Batu Feringghi – it sounds like fun. I wanted to go (even packed beach wear) but didn’t manage to squeeze in the time. :)

  13. Haha, yes. Make sure you go to the beaches and Batu Feringghi next time. There’s lots of interesting things you can find up there. 8D

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