Lunch has always been a particularly bothersome time – there are not a lot of food outlets near my office so it’s either the mamak (which tends to slaughter me, running up a bill in excess of RM 10 is not uncommon if I eat nasi kandar) or the Chinese shops (very crowded, and the food isn’t exactly cheap either).

Thus, there is always a constant debate over where to go for lunch. I don’t take the heat very well so I always vote against the Chinese shops. We usually end up eating at some quiet café – the average amount I spend on lunch is about RM 10-14. One fine day, I heard some of my co-workers ordering McDonald’s for lunch – that was the first I’ve heard of the McValue Lunch. It starts from just RM 5.95


I was traumatized. I used to review McDonald’s stuff and was the first to know about their latest and greatest, from their Crispy Prawn Burger to their Salads Plus menu in Australia. I even ate McDonald’s in Thailand just coz I was passionate about trying everything on their menu! I was appalled that I wasn’t the first to know about the McValue Lunch and was determined to undo this affront to my pride. 


Thus, I checked McDonald’s FaceBook diligently and am proud to report that I was one of the first to find out about the new McValue Lunch menu. They now have the Big Mac (RM 7.95) and the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe (RM 7.95) in addition to their existing RM 5.95 McValue Lunch portfolio – McChicken and Filet-O-Fish


The best thing about the McValue Lunch? It’s available from 12 pm – 3 pm every single day. Check out the clock at this outlet. It’s even available on the weekends. Monday to Sunday, they’ve got it covered. You don’t even have to go there personally – the McValue Lunch is valid for Dine-in, Drive-Thru and even McDelivery with no minimum order. Best, kan


…and with our lunch problems sorted, we proceeded to dine in air-conditioned comfort at a very, very reasonable price. It’s cheaper than the places we usually hit for lunch and it’s just 5 minutes away from where I work. I went for the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe coz eating a Big Mac is very likely to induce a post-lunch coma.


It came up to just RM 8.35 inclusive of tax. I can honestly say that it’s one of the best deals for lunch in town… 


…and to top it off, McDonald’s is running a blogger contest in conjunction with the McValue Lunch. The contest tagline is “Have you McValue LUNCH-ed this week?” and you’ll need to squeeze the grey matter to produce some creative juice for your post. Just write about your experience with the McValue Lunch and post photos or create a video from 27th April to 31st May 2009 to stand a chance to win the Apple iPhone 3G complete with a 6-month contract with Maxis!

This is my submission – I think I scared the customers (and the staff gave me disapproving looks) when I waltzed into the outlet shouting (screaming?) a greeting in Japanese and ordering before I even got to the counter. I must have looked somewhat deranged. ;)tagline_logo

Well, have you?

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47 Responses to “The Quest for the McValue Lunch”

  1. attention whore

  2. “post-comma lunch” – i love the term! :P

  3. Dude,
    There are too many infomercials (blog style) in your blog nowadays……
    The fun is starting to diminish….
    Cheers – Tuanku

  4. and you thought meth was dangerous…. this stuff is really bad for you.

  5. Jon: Isn’t everyone to a certain extend? ;)
    Don’t be jealous, grow some balls and try to stand out sometimes. :)
    BTW, I usually delete comments originating from your IP but you didn’t make comments about my family, so I’m letting it slide. =D
    chefmel: Post lunch coma. :)
    It’s the state where excessive carbohydrates are consumed, resulting in a rapid decrease in alertness. ;)
    DYMM_Tuanku: Yeah, it helps pays the bills and I have a lot to pay mate with me moving soon and all. :)
    John: Hmm…I’ve been eating it almost my entire life. :)
    I love McDonald’s. There are less healthy options out there. :)

  6. eh ya! didnt realise the typing mistakes. lol!

  7. Dude,
    In that case, i’m all for the infomercials at ;-)
    I vow never to read another infomercial unless it’s on

  8. I’m lovin’ it. :)

  9. haha, you nut-bar

  10. Do they have BurgerKing,Dairy Queen,MOS,Tripple’s O or other burger franschise there in Malaysia?
    BTW,What equipment and program do you use to make and editing da video? Thanks

  11. chefmel: No worries, happens to me too. I went back at 11 pm last night and came in to work at 6 am. I’m not eating lunch for fear of the dreaded post lunch coma. :)
    DYMM_Tuanku: Heh! Thanks for the support, my friend. Much appreciated! :)
    waiChing: Yup, McDonald’s lunch is the best deal around SS6. :)
    victor: LOL! It’s funny though, I got stares from the customers coz I was shouting as soon as I entered the outlet. :)
    VisionMan(RuTT): We have BK and Wendy’s as well as some others.
    I just use a digicam and Windows Movie Maker for the video. The quality for this is not up to the usual standard coz I had to convert from Quicktime to AVI for Windows Movie Maker. :)

  12. Dunno about “best deals for lunch in town”… I can get fish, rice, vegetables and drink for less than that. Healthier and more filling too :)
    Reminds me of your older posts though :)

  13. hahahah everyone at the shop looked at you. I did the Big Mac chant at the same McD too!

  14. HAHAHAHA the way you shouted ohayou HAHAHAHAHA

  15. haha. nice one.
    i will never have the guts to do so, craps. lol.

  16. it’s so funny, when you shout ohayo!! =.=

  17. hhahahaa afternoon should be konnichiwa eh? ohaiyo is good morning ^^

  18. You’ve really got guts! Keep it up. Do it only when I’m not around!

  19. HB, awesome photos. I never say no to Mcdonald foods. In Hawaii I had a Macteri burger(teriyaki) tropical smoothies and taro pie and haupia pie (coconut cream).

  20. the guy behind you in the video spoiled the take man

  21. Hehe..that was hilarious..the girl infront was like “omgwtf! Let me faster faster hide my money!”

  22. i tried their Prawn Burger once & it tasted like a vegetarian burger! >.

  23. Nice blog you have here.. Love to read it since I found it last night while surfing net. Keep it up! ;) Haven’t try for McValue yet as most of the time it already passed 3pm when go to McD. Love to eat McD french fries. Shld try us this value meals. ;)

  24. haha that does not sound like a healthy meal
    else wow thats great
    what a shame that we dont have that kind of stuff here
    mcdonalds is so fucking expensive…
    also mcdelivery??? WTF??? they dont do that here
    and blog competitions?? WTf?? they dont do that here….
    i had to laugh when the salesmen in mcdonalds stared at you because you just shouted your order :D

  25. :) McD nuggets are the best! As for burgers, I personally go for BK!
    Btw, if it’s not toooo impertinent of me to ask, how much do you get paid for to do each advert? Just a curious cat nibbling away for information :)

  26. A very eventful weekend! I shall write about it soon. Follow me on Twitter: @sixthseal for updates. :)

  27. I pack my lunch every day. I only have 30 min for lunch so its near impossible for me to eat out. If I cook dinner the night before (using the grill) I have a lunch that beats anything from a fast food place anyway. Saves a lot of money eating food I bring from home

  28. ahahha i won’t do that man. i shy one :$

  29. That video was hilarious!

  30. Oh, oh, and that’s the first time I’ve thought you sounded REALLY chinese. lol

  31. why did u delete my comment

  32. julian: Heh! Yeah, I used to write a lot about Fast Food Inc. :)
    KY: LOL! Yeah, and the staff gave me disapproving looks too. :)
    Oh ya, I remember the big mac chant.
    aud: Yup, gotta be genki! =D
    tzia: I don’t know if it’s guts or I just like to pull of stuff like this. It amuses me to do this kind of thing. :)
    Eve: LOL! Yeah, I liked doing that…especially seeing the different expressions of everyone. :)
    Anthea: OMG! You’re right! My Japanese FAIL la, everything I learned, I learned from watching anime. :(
    eiling: ROTFLMAO! Next time I’ll do it with you around. ;)
    It’s funny to see the expressions of people.
    Vickie: Ah, I love the localization of McDonald’s menus. That’s why I love McDonald’s so much – been writing about them since I was in Australia, coz of the different items.
    RT: Oh, I didn’t notice that. Hmm…
    M&M’s: Haha! Yeah, I loved her expression. :)
    Jade Zheng: I liked the prawn burger. In fact, I like most promotional and limited edition items. :)
    Shirley Snow: Thanks for reading! :)
    I’m going to eat it today coz I didn’t have breakfast so I want a fairly heavy lunch.
    shadowking: Hmm…actually according to the Big Mac Index, we have one of the cheapest prices for McDonalds (after adjusting for many factors). It’s in Fortune magazine every year. :)
    kk: It’s not much…just enough to cover my hosting and domain. :)
    justin: Yeah, that’s a great idea! 30 minute lunch, that is rather fast.
    Tan Yee Hou: It’s fun though. :)
    Trey: Cheers mate! :)
    Haha! Yeah, I was a bit hyper on caffeine at that time.
    pm: Coz you always ask the same questions. Just friends. Not fucking them. :)

  33. do u hate me or something

  34. pm: No, I don’t dude. :)

  35. McD’s has the dollar menu around here. You can get a chiken sandwch or double chesseburger for a buck. or large fries (serves 2). or two apple pies for a buck. I love a Big Mac, but I always feel like I’ve eaten a cannonball an hour later. They have and egg mcmuffin special at breakfast ( 2 for 2 bucks) right now. Add 2 coffes, and two people cand have breakfast for less than 4 bucks. I just don’t do it every day. I kinda LIKE the “INFOMERCIALS”. It lets me compare franchises here to other parts of the world.

  36. tom robinson: Yeah, I remember seeing that somewhere. Pretty good deal. I’m fond of Big Macs too, not so big on Quarter Pounders due to this time I ate two Half Pounders (promotional item available durring AFL – aussie rules football season, kinda like rugby) and puked after that. A normal human is not meant to eat 1 pound of meat. :)
    Thanks tom! I love fast food inc and I love seeing McDonald’s stuff from other places too – been writing about that since the blog began. :)

  37. woots!
    all the best man! =D
    nice vid…ahahaha… XD

  38. This lunch are very worth. Out site hawker stall already almost this price

  39. kenwooi: Cheers mate! :)
    Calvyn: Yup, which is why I’m glad there’s an outlet near where I work. :)


  41. haha, good entrance vid.

  42. ESTY: Good for you! :)
    sean: LOL! I love doing stuff like this. I guess I’m a bit fucked up. ;)

  43. this is really nice and well mcdonalds is reallly good to go eat to and its nice

  44. faviola: Yup, I’m lovin’ it. :)

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