Childhood, revisited

ppc arcade

It’s been a while since I’ve stepped foot into an arcade. We were waiting for Obsessed to start last night so we had 30 minutes to burn. PPC has never been to an arcade in her youth (Jesus, makes me wonder how she grew up) so we went in for some…

ppc mash

…button mashing fun!

ppc sweet

There was this claw crane machine called Big Sweet Land which pushes candy instead of plush toys. It’s a rip off – I got 3 sweets for 6 tokens. :p

ppc daytona

It’s back to old skool Daytona USA after that. I solidly beat PPC by 1 ½ FULL rounds…just coz her accelerator pedal wasn’t working. Heh!

ppc ghost

There’s this arcade machine which has no English translations at all. It involves using two phone-looking-things to beat ghosts on the screen. The ghosts are behind a metal grill and in 2P mode, one side shows an image which looks like a wheel.

ppc prison

It took us three (3) tries before we finally figured out that one player is supposed to turn the wheel to raise the gate while the other pummels the ghosts coming out of the cell. It’s like being a prison warden of a correctional facility filled with dangerous supernatural entities. Fun.

ppc hockey

I also soundly thrashed PPC in air hockey. ;)

Don’t ask me if Obsessed was a good movie. I promptly fell asleep after the opening credits. Serious.

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