16 thoughts on “Genting in captions

  1. shaoweii: OMG! No! She works in Esprit, met her in Genting. She’s reading the blog too k. :)
    maggot: Yup, she’s a really nice girl. My friend says she kinda looks like me. The eyes anyway. :)
    headsteadi: Sorry buddy, I don’t read or write Chinese. I do know the words “School Girl” though, pretty self explainatory, that one. ;)
    Try calling the numbers, it’s gotta be either credit or flesh. ;)

  2. Dude, Miss. Peek-a-boo is one of those skilled girl who can pee by just pulling her thong to a side and not make a mess.

  3. fish fish: I actually didn’t know I drove so close to the barrier until the next day. :)
    Jesus, that means when I tailgate people, I’m almost hitting them too. :S
    zer0ize: Unfortunately not, that’s the usual distance I mantain. It’s a good thing I noticed though, I’m going to keep a distance now coz this means that when I drive, I’m tailgating people REAL close. :(
    Patricia: Ya, close shave indeed. More so than driving skillz. ;)
    Shirley Snow: Heh! I know I’m not hitting anything when I maintain this distance but then again I didn’t know it was THIS close either. :0
    PinkPorkChop: Haha! :p
    Simon Seow: No la, I just bump into people here and there. :)
    seth.frostheart: Heh! I doubt these people are into referal fees. ;)
    e: That’s in Ripley’s in Genting. :)
    eiling: You know, this is like a revelation. I knew I could drive like this and not hit people but then again I didn’t know it was so close either. :)

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