Google before you leap

audrey starbucks penang

I was in Penang over the long weekend and we met up with Audrey and Jack at Starbucks. She happened to have an asthma inhaler with her and I was intrigued by it. She was kind enough to let me use it so I took three (3) hits, inhaling deeply and holding it in.

“I don’t feel anything”, I said.

Audrey looked at me while I sat down and told me it’ll be nice to light one up right about now. I flicked my lighter and proceeded to introduce 4,000 different chemicals to my pulmonary system over the course of two minutes.

asthma inhaler

I picked up my Venti Tazo ice blended and noticed that my hands were shaking visibly. It was like I was having a mini grand mal seizure localized to my paws.

She noticed my hand tremors and nonchalantly mentioned “Oh, and by the way, it takes about 15 minutes for the inhaler to work”.


Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Say, before I took 3 hits from the inhaler in quick succession?

audrey asthma inhaler

She was surprised I didn’t get hyper though. I’m already looking forward to the Xpax Prepaid BB so I can Google for information before I start introducing all sorts of weird and wonderful medication into my system. Heh!

Thanks for the inhaler Audrey, it was an…interesting experience. ;)

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24 thoughts on “Google before you leap”

  1. KY: Yeah, getting it next week! :)
    tzia: Me too! I’m so forgetful that I need something like a BB to keep track of stuff…always had a PDA/Pocket PC ever since I was in uni. :)

  2. We used to “use” inhalers all the time in primary school, trying to be hardcore. I remember the shakes well! We also used to hold the mouthpiece against our skin and puff them heaps of times to try and get little freezer burns.
    Man, we were morons, now I think about it ;)

  3. This is a funny post, almost in the vein of Veritas days…cute.
    Did your heart start to race when you got shaky after a while?

  4. Myhorng: I wanted to do more but inhalers are rather expensive and I didn’t want to use up Audrey’s supply. :)
    ewen: It depends on what’s inside. The old skool benzedrine inhalers? MOST DEFINATELY. benzedrine is racemic amphetamine e.g. speed, just dextro, levo amphetamine so it’ll most certainly do the trick. I used to have a script for dextroamphetamine (d is the active isomer, l does nothing) which is “purer” (stronger) in a sense, had that when I was in uni in Melbourne for my narcolepsy. *cough*
    Kiran: Yup, me too, I can’t wait for mine, should be coming next Saturday! =D
    seth.frostheart: Yeah, the Xpax BB is worth a look.
    About modern inhalers…not anymore. Unless it’s a really old benzedrine inhaler which I’ve been trying to get. Someone was selling it, mint condition (mint as in unused, but package is a bit squashed and yellowish, which is considered mint if you count back to when it was manufactured) but I got outbid…by USD 500!
    Amazing how much people (including me) would pay for collectibles.
    Katie: Heh! Yeah, but anything once eh? ;)
    The propylhexedrine ones can get you a same effect as ephedrine, but the trick here is NOT to inhale it. It has to be taken orally e.g. dismantle the inhaler, take the strip inside and swallow. :)
    hitomi: This one is a bit of an Rx post. :)
    Toxic: Hello there! Heh! It’s good to see you back again. I really should alert you when I post stuff like this. Wait till you see my Sri Lanka…vacation photos. Bought a lot of…t-shirts. :)
    Yeah, can feel my heart racing, hands shaking but that’s about it. :)

  5. I had been suffering from asthma since 6 years old, and i had used hundreds of bottles of the inhaler shown in the picture, at time when the asthma attack is too severe, that inhalers also seemed not effective and i wudnt increase the dosage up to 20-30 times despite the recommendation of 4 times a day, couldnt help it, it felt like suffocating in asthma attack

  6. HB, a super model died from using inhaler due to she want to breath better yet does not have asthma. Be careful for there some young people get high also on it and later very sick. They ended up in hospitals. My sister who worked at one told me many cases of it.

  7. Dude, a few year back, my customer returned to L.A. from second honeymoon. His 17 year old was supposed to pick them up at the airport, but did not show up. They took a cab home and found the son’s body, he was OD on cough medicine, chasing the Codeine High.
    Sad ending to my customer’s honey moon. However, the good thing from this episode, this 17 year old was a RC car enthusiast, while dumping all his belonging, the dad gave me and my co worker all his RC trucks, Gas Powered!

  8. kenwooi: Heh! Yeah me too, since it’s inhaled I would have thought it’s the fastest route of administration (for some substances). :)
    alex: Sorry to hear that buddy, perhaps you can try the dry powder nebulizers? I hear it’s much more effective for more serious cases of asthma. Cheers! :)
    Vickie: Interesting…I thought that was in the old days, coz you can’t get high (per se) from inhaling it – you actually need to break it open and EAT the strips inside, not something I wanna do with a pressurized container. ;)
    Unless it’s benzedrine. :)
    e: Eh, chasing a codeine high? How much was he taking? There is a ceiling dose for codeine – usually quoted as 400 mg but I used to take around 600 – 800 mg (with high tolerance) after which it doesn’t “feel” stronger anymore – that’s what the “ceiling dose” of codeine is e.g. the point where it won’t be “stronger” anymore. Other stuff like oxycodone does not have this ceiling effect.
    Nice gas powered RC car! :)

  9. I believe I read a story on erowid about someone who attempted to abuse an asthma inhaler and after 50-100 tokes his heart got really fucked up

  10. Oh and HB, I had no idea you were familiar with propylhexedrine.. I took it upon myself to experiment with it and found some interesting side effects like prolonged (weeklong) skin numbness… You have anything like that bud? Also did your head kinda buzz (in a really unhealthy feeling way) after using it for about a day?

  11. Trey: Hmm…taking 50-100 tokes of an inhaler has gotta be too much of a good thing. Yeah, propylhexedrine is interesting, mainly coz it’s also called hexahydromethamphetamine – that’s what got my attention in the first place. ;)
    IMHO it’s more like ephedrine, except it made me REALLY wanna puke. I was retching for the better part of an hour. I was expecting something more like dexamphetamine.
    Still tons better than pseudoephedrine though (or sibutramine, which is a pretty shitty stimulant). :)

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