Photos you don't want your parents to see

k us

A long, long time ago…in a karaoke far, far away.

k came on to me

A friend’s friend came on to me…

k kiss

…and there are actually a lot of photos in the series but yalor I shall not post those photos to protect the integrity of my reputation.

What reputation?

Oi, you at the back. My saham already jatuh -6666666 points from this post k?

Actually I’m just lazy to post, I wanna go watch Lost and sleep.

Oh boy, am I gonna regret posting this tomorrow.

This is not just photos you don’t want your parents to see but photos you don’t want your girlfriend/wife/future incarnations of both to see.

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72 thoughts on “Photos you don't want your parents to see”

  1. walao, im a new reader of ur blog, and i thought that girl WAS ur girlfren until i read the last part. She must b really sporting like u to have let it happen.

  2. aidi-safuan: Haha! Thanks bro! =D
    chris: Nah, she’s not my girlfriend. She’s way too hardcore for me, she can drink most guys under the table. I’m not “most guys” but she can drink me under the table which is quite a fucking acheivement. ;)

  3. syor…………….: syor?
    Mimi: Haha! This is the first and last of the series. :)
    Cheers: Yeah, gotta start doing that ASAP. :)
    Cheers, my friend. =D
    Ryan Ling: I did not eat that dish. BTW, what is your defination of “eat”? ;)
    Bill Clinton reference here. Haha! :)
    Annabella: Haha! I still regret posting this though. :)

  4. Haha HB we both know perfectly well what kinda of “consumption” we’re referring to ;) Just get your raincoats ready cause walking too much in the rain you never know when there’s once the rain is acid. And you know, skin lesions are nasty! =P

  5. Ryan: LOL! Very nice metaphors, my friend. ;)
    …but seriously, it didn’t happen. I wasn’t THAT messed up. :)
    tzia: Nooooooo. :p is all about drugs and pharmaceutials – that is the old

  6. Steph: Yeah, I am regretting posting this up already. Heh! :)
    hitomi: Yup, been doing a lot of that lately. :)
    Lepton: Actually there’s nothing I won’t give to settle down. :(
    Yiling: The photographer was a bunch of people! There were a lot of us in the karaoke that night. :)

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