Casino War: I won RM 1,200

casino wars

I went to Genting last night as a prelude to CNY gambling. Six of us went up in two cars and I had an initial bankroll of RM 3,000 with an absolute RM 4,500 buy-in (meaning if I lost my bankroll, I’m prepared to withdraw another RM 1,500).

For the first time in my life, I didn’t play Baccarat AT ALL. Desmond introduced me to this game called Casino War which is much faster paced than Baccarat. Basically, the dealer deals cards to everyone and him/herself and the largest face value wins. It’s just as simple as that.

The table limit was RM 500, which is a bit smaller than the RM 2,000 max in Baccarat – this complicates my betting strategy (what betting strategy? ;)) a bit but let me give you the gnarly battle report:

Casino War

I didn’t count but just took out a slab of RM 50 notes. It turned out to be RM 900.

I bet RM 100 and lost. I doubled up to RM 200 and won, bringing me back to my initial RM 900 bankroll. I then bet the table max of RM 500 and lost. Grr…

I took out some more money, dealer counted it and gave me an additional RM 1,100 in chips.

Bankroll: RM 2,100.

I’m now down by RM 500. I started betting the table maximum each time. I lost twice in a row, which brings me down to:

RM 600 (lost RM 1,500)

This time Lady Luck favors me with her smile coz I got a King and a Jack for the next two rounds, which is quite hard to beat.

RM 1,600 (lost RM 500)

The next card dealt was a 10 which I thought would have gotten me back my bankroll but the dealer got a Queen! Thus:

RM 1,100 (lost RM 1,000)

I bet three more hands and as luck would have it, won all three, depite one being a fucking 5 of diamonds (dealer got a 3 – haha).

RM 2,600 (won RM 500)


Thus, I left the table to join the others at Roulette. I placed my bet on Odd every single time with wins and loses until one final round when I thought I’ll just round it up to a net RM 1,000 (the magic four figure win) and put RM 300 down.

It turns out I miscalculated. I won that round but due to the lack of my math skillz, I won RM 1,200 instead of RM 1,000.

This is usually a good thing but it also opens up temptation due to the “excess” RM 200. I decided to stop betting and be happy with my RM 1,200 but the Imp of the Perverse called me again.

I used the RM 200 to bet small on another Roulette and lost it all.

Thus, I’m left with:

RM 3,100 (win RM 1,000)

I wanted to get back the RM 200 so I put RM 200 on Odd. I lost. I doubled up to RM 400 on Odd and lost again. I didn’t want to deviate despite the Roulette wheel constantly churning out Even numbers and put RM 800 on Odd. The ball dropped on an Even number again! Ish!

RM 1,700 (lost RM 500)

I made a last ditch RM 1,600 bet on Odd and watched as the wheel goes round and round. If I lost this round, I’ll have lost RM 2000. The ball tumbled into an Even number, jumped a couple of times and landed on…


Haha! That RM 1,600 bet saved the day, pushing me back to RM 3,300.

I went home with RM 3,300.

Net win: RM 1,200

Lessons learnt and moving forward:

When you feel like you’ve already won enough, just leave. I could have lost a lot of money with my absolute RM 4,500 bankroll if I lost that last RM 1,600 bet coz I would have put down more money.

It’s a good thing I won back my RM 1,200 win after an epic battle at the Roulette table. :)

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31 thoughts on “Casino War: I won RM 1,200

  1. cool. know when to walk. I’ve been to reno, and taho. I am not a big gambler. going to harrahs in cherokee nc at the end of the month for my birthday. gonna take about 120 usd. If I can double it, I quit then. once I lose it ( the original 120) I will quit. the house always wins, if you play long enough. the key is to not get greedy when wining, or stop when losing, and just write it off as bad luck. I got that 120 to play with. if I make 240, great. If I lose 120, well, I knew that from the get go… but I aint taking the bus home….I’ll have a good time either way. wish me luck.I just want to break even on the cost of the trip, not win a pile… maybe on slots or blackjack. but always cold sober, despite the free drinks. I can drink later if I win, or to console myself if I lose. but I plan to have fun, win or lose. tom

  2. ong la you!!! but yeah i gambled in macau and i know how it feels… i won MOP$700 lol nice yet thrilling gambling =p but yeah totally agree with you “When you feel like you’ve already won enough, just leave.”

  3. Hahaha…comprehensive play by play bro! You forgot the feel good music on the way up ;)I agree, you gotsa know when to walk. Congrats on the win! Where on earth did you take the pictures of the chips anyway?

  4. Haha, I don’t know how to gamble, so totally blur when I read the gambling part..XD But, I love watching people gambling in casino. Especially fun when seeing the dealers get nervous when gambles win too much.. *evil grin* Couldn’t agree with you more about leaving the gamble table as soon as you earn some $$$.

  5. now u really learn ur lesson…leave when u win or else will loose all…if u win all the way suddenly lost few games its time to stop as i know those feeling we can fight back our money but normally end up got fucked up…
    gambling RULES…DO NOT GREEDY!!! ;)
    luck cuming rooster way…yeayyy… :D

  6. Thien Rong: Yeah, even the rooms have some form of table limits so it’s not really feasible. Have tried a lot of different betting strategies including some specifically for Bacarrat but in the end I just go with gut feeling. :)
    tom: I totally agree…once you get greedy, that’s when the casino gets you. I nearly lost all the initial bankroll due to a stupid decision to bet again and double up each time. That table limit was RM 10,000 so imagine that kind of damage that could be done! :S
    fufu: Yup, that’s the hardest thing to do – leave when you’re up. It requires a lot of dicipline and being happy with what you have (four digits). :)
    WEEN: Blackjack and poker are the two more skill oriented games…these ones are pure luck mate. :)
    unkaleong: Hello there! Yeah mate, your car’s music really gave us a lot of luck – everyone in your car won! Heh! I tweeted about the Lucky Lancer. ;)
    I took the photo in the toilet – the ONLY place you can take photos in Genting casino without security giving you a hard time (unless you walk out with your chips and walk back in). :)
    FJ: You know, I’ve NEVER seen the dealers getting nervous. My cousin used to be a dealer in Genting as well, they’re so used to it and it’s not their money anyway. :)
    ah nel: Yup, really gotta cabut when you reach 4 digits, be it starting from 1,3,or 5. :)
    I think with enough dicipline, I can even go happy with RM 900 since when you think about it, it’s just RM 100, which is what you would spend on a bottle of liquor anyway. :)
    imantulen: Haha! Yeah, we should go up together sometime. It’ll be fun! :)

  7. “I’ve NEVER seen the dealers getting nervous.”
    – I have once, seen a female dealer getting truly ‘soured-faced’, when a customer was on a roll winning game after game…. resulting in another more senior dealer rushing over, ready to take over from her…
    She was very angry & left the table in a huff….

  8. imantulen: Hmm…does it have something to do with their KPIs? Let’s let foodcrazee shed some light on this matter.
    They shouldn’t though – I’ve been on a roll too, winning 5 figures on Bacarrat and putting table max on 3 lines with my friends around me (6k each bet) but the dealer was still as cool as a cucumber and didn’t mind.
    It might be coz I lost it all plus a lot more at the end though. Haha!
    However, I have seen dealers getting angry – usually at Roulette tables when the uncles put bets AFTER last bet is called. It’s lack of sleep I think – they work long hours. :)

  9. yeah, i wonder whether they will get scolded for it too….
    that incident was wayyyy back in the 80’s, during cny… suppose she WAS flustered when everyone round the blackjack table was honking “picture! picture! picture!”
    i also noticed the security & other mgmt staff were around there. it was sorta an emergency situation: the odds were turned & they changed the dealer once the deck was finished….
    i’m sure all the cams in the vicinity were turned towards this table….

  10. thx for the invite, sorry i cldn’t mk it to see u win! mwuahaha :P anyway, im useless with cards, would probably have freaked out with the high level of tension anyway. u see, i love money too much. it stays in my wallet :P
    enjoy ur winnings!

  11. HB, you are the man. leaving the missus at home while you go to Genting and be merry. You are my hero.
    Anyway, $1,200 is half way to your wedding photoes liaw. Next weekend, double your effort.
    Jestina, you are so lucky.

  12. imantulen: Heh! Maybe it was a junior dealer. (S)he shouldn’t take things personally. Yup, some of the players can be quite raucous, even in Bacarrat. :)
    ciki: No worries! The trick to it is to assume that you’ve already lost your bankroll when you walk into the casino. You won’t feel much then, and anything you win is a bonus! =D
    rocket: Haha! It’s not gonna be that soon mate, the wedding. I went to Genting just for a gambling session, it’s been a while since I’ve been up to explore places other than the casino except for the company trip last year. :)
    yuetmui: I remember the major details. Heh! You can if you play for short bouts instead of a prolonged session (which I never do – the longer you stay the more the odds are stacked against you). :)

  13. Everytime I step in Casino.. Sure stopped by the officers there.. I.C. please O_o
    asked a friend to gamble once for me.. and lost RM50 in seconds T___T
    but it surely feels good to win $$$ . hehehe..

  14. ahlost: Heh! I got stopped once too just last year. I’m 28 and still I get stopped. Lost a fair bit that time, so I tell myself that if I get stopped for identification check, I’ll not gamble. *superstitious*
    Yeah, it feels good to win money but I think I used it all up already. Haha! Win fast, use fast! =D
    Charles: Yup, always mate. Most of my undies are red anyway. ;)
    90% of them is a wonderful bright and auspicious red. =D

  15. go again…probally this time you will won more…i gotta feeling that tonight gonna be a good night…i never been to the casino before (underage) but I am going to be legal by next year…good luck in the year of tiger…

  16. hey man, you are not allowed to bring camera into casino nor take the chips out, wah, you have been very naughty. Hey, Ah Moy serving you at the Casino War table sui boh or did you get Ah Pek?
    RM1200, handy for Ang Pow lah. Die die must come visit you. ha ha

  17. rocket: Heh! You used to be able to – take chips out I mean. I took one home when I got out of rehab as a souvenior. It was a female dealer at first and then a male dealer.
    I used all the RM 1,200 dy la. :)

  18. Yih Yann: It’s the excitement that makes it fun! Imagine betting 6k in one shot, knowing that you’ll either lose it all or double the money. The thrill, the spills! =D

  19. you know, you are very lucky, like me. because we have friends. If i was busted flat, or flush, they are the same. and thats lucky, no matter how you count it… friends are the best, worth a million.

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