Yes, it’s that time of the year again, with reunions, pressing questions thinly disguised as guises for getting you hitched, and the liberal firecrackers.

firecrackers CNY

I’ve used up all my firecrackers at night but I wanted to get a morning shot – this is the classic mass produced firecrackers – not the fast and furious ones that comes in a reasonably roundish shape. I got this from my friend Ting Chuan who has a lot of spares around his house.

It’s fun to let it off anyway, didn’t need to go hunting for a pole, we do it the old skool way – that is to say, on the fucking floor. I also got quite bored with this slow burning firecrackers which leaves an equal amount of mess. I pity the maid. ;)

firecrackers banner

The banner fell off when the larger firecrackers exploded but fuck it la, not superstitious that way.

Happy CNY to all the readers of whether you celebrate it or not, coz when you think about it, it’s not about 1Malaysia, but MORE HOLIDAYS, something we can ALL relate to eh? ;)

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32 Responses to “ wishes all a Happy CNY!”

  1. Happy CNY PHB! Later go ur house.. C ya!

  2. HOw did you get those fire crackers?! The police came to my housing area today. :((

  3. Shirley Snow: Sure! Eh, I got a wedding dinner tonight, come at 10 pm can? :)
    Michelle Chin: Erm…are you from Sibu? ;)
    Firecrackers are everywhere. Police come, give RM 10 ang pow. That’s all you have to do. So many Chinese in Sibu, they don’t even bother enforcing. :)

  4. Cannot.. 10pm is not suitable time for visiting. =.=”‘

  5. hahahaha! The proof of banned substance. . . .Happy LUnar New Year . . . .Huat Ar!

  6. happy CNY dude! =)

  7. These policebabies..they will open ur angpow on the spot and :”Boss, ini tahun baru cina..10 tidak cukup laaa….” then end up…50 bucks gone….

  8. keong hee huat cai ahhh!

  9. Shirley Snow: Erm…even 1 am is a suitable time for us. I’m back home dy, miss call me if you want to swing over for CNY visiting! :)
    foodcrazee: Every year HUAT in Sibu. Still got people letting off fireworks and firecrackers. It never lets down over here, predominantly Chinese in urban areas. :)
    kenwooi: Happy CNY Ken! All the best in the Year of the Tiger! :)
    Charles: Heh! Not in Sibu though, RM 10 is the standard rate, they won’t ask for more than that coz we all know that’s how much we should give. No market spoiling. :)
    KY: Happy CNY! Huat ah! :)

  10. Hehe Thats great! Thanks for the video. Neighbours didn’t mind did they, it was pretty loud?

  11. Aiyer.. Scary ler.. I would have stood very far away from the firecrackers.. Or maybe hide behind someone. LOL..

  12. OMG I can even see the purple flames. I like how you can smoke a ciggie and light that firecracker. Cool!

  13. jesus christ how long is your new year?

  14. Happy New Year, HuaiBin!

  15. HAPPY Huat Cai New Year =)

  16. Gong Xi Fa Chai!

  17. Gong Xi Fa Chai!

  18. happy new year to you. may you be blessed with prosperity and good health and happiness …

  19. Sure was nice to bump into you before you go back to KL, mate! Too bad you didn’t drop by my place – ang pao ready and waiting for you! Hahahahaha!!! Next year perhaps! Or I may get to see you should I drop by KL again sometime…

  20. Jeff: Cheers mate! Nope, they were letting off their own firecrackers. I just did it in the afternoon. Haha! :)
    ahlost: It won’t hurt, this kind, except for the tail end. The front consists of the smaller kind of firecrackers while the back has the larger ones (you can see it go off by propelling itself downwards). That one made a hole in my t-shirt once when I was young, but it still won’t do much damage other than superficial burns. :)
    eiling: Haha! Ya, multitasking. I think it’s coz we’re so used to fireworks and firecrackers that we’re nonchalent about lighting it, we don’t follow the proper safety procedures coz we know it doesn’t hurt. :)
    WEEN: Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days – ends with the appropriately named festival called Chap Goh Meh (15th night). :)
    sibu food diva: Happy CNY! May you have an abundance of everything this year! :)
    TianChad: You too bro! May the Year of the Tiger bring you health and wealth and everything else that’s important. :)
    thomas: Happy CNY Thomas! Gong Xi Fatt Chai! :)
    headsteadi: You too! Happy CNY and all the best in the Year of the Tiger. :)
    suituapui: Haha! Sure thing, it was good meeting up with you too! Buzz me if you’re in KL. CNY is not over yet, I might still drop by – prepare the ang pows. ;)
    Happy CNY bro! :)

  21. happy CNY HB. I am still here. 50 now.holey shit, thats old. we have had exceptionaly snowy weather , even for wnc. I liked frumpy ( me waking up – stay out of my way till I have coffe or a beer) but I would add scrumpy… when you fry an egg, the yolk is soft, the whites hard, and getting, well.. crispy… well… scrumpy, on fried bread. half a world away, happy new year, HB. God Bless. and thanks… tom damn… all i did was google camel meat, five years ago…

  22. I used to play firecrackers like a boy.. even chai lei I used to dare to play.. but somehow, I think I’m getting more coward the older I am *LOL*

  23. i miss lighting those firecrackers or playing it… ;)
    Happy CNY…

  24. tom: Happy CNY my friend. That sounds mighty good right now considering I didn’t have anything except beer for dinner.
    Take care buddy! :)
    ahlost: Haha! Ya, I love that stuff too. I have a video somewhere of me lighting 3 in a row, first one nearly exploded in my hand. I’ve had it gone off in my hand before – it’s not that bad, but you’ll get blisters. Da Di Lei Gong on the other hand…wow, that was painful. :S
    Actually it’s not that, it’s just that you have more to lose when you get old. I used to do a lot of stupid stuff as a kid that I don’t dare to do anymore – case in point, lobbing 3″ display shells at each other in a field. Could have easily gone blind. :)
    ah nel: It’s the best part of CNY my friend! :)

  25. Wahraooooo… You were so naughty that time.. But I’m sure you are still that naughty now :D

  26. Wahraooooo… You were so naughty that time.. But I’m sure you are still that naughty now :D

  27. ahlost: Haha! We used to have a lot of fun during CNY, with cousins and with friends. The liberal way we let of firecrackers drew our parents ire, and then they just let it be coz we kept on doing it. Haha!

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