How I lost RM 35,000 in Genting

21000 cash

Haih. Damn no mood to blog la. I went up to Uncle Lim’s domain armed with a bottle of Absolut Flavor of the Tropics which impaired my judgement for an overnight stay (and a bit of gambling on the side).

We went up pretty early – not check in time yet, so I went into the casino with a buy in of RM 6,400. I put RM 2,000 on Roulette and RM 300 on 24 or 25 (can’t remember) based on Naomi‘s advice.

I won the even odds, even payout, which nets me RM 1,700.

I should have left at this point. I wanted to go to Port Dickson, but all the rooms were booked, and actually made a reservation for Fraser’s Hill. Unfortunately, it was raining so after a bit of thought…Genting!

Now, if I had left at that time, I would have gotten a bit of pocket money minus the trip costs.

Unfortunately I made a second bet (also 2k) and lost, before switching tables and lost all of my initial RM 6,400 buy in.

This forced me to go to the International Room to withdraw RM 5,000 from my credit card. I was actually up at one point, playing Baccarat.

1000 chip genting

However, two bad decisions (going against the dragon instead of chasing it) with a RM 4,000 bet each time made me lose RM 12,000 (inclusive of credit card charges).

Now, if that is not bad enough, I went out, and was about to check into the hotel when I saw Maybank. My ethanol impaired decision made me withdraw RM 21,000 from my savings account.


20k chips genting

I wanted to put RM 20,000 on Black on Roulette (when there was a Red dragon going – 7 in a row) but I was in the First World Hotel casino where they only allow RM 12,000 max instead of the RM 20,000 max in the main Genting casino.

This is SINK OR SWIM. It is the deciding factor of whether I would lose big or win back all my losses plus a neat RM 7,000. It was the:

genting roulette table

Moment of Truth (TM)

Photo discretely taken with my cell phone after I finished texting someone.

Look at the pile of chips on Black. Motherfucker. That’s all mine. It’s only 10k though.

The RED DRAGON (fuck you, cunt face) which I attempted to break was stronger than I thought it was. It turned out to be Red.

Lost 10k.

My obstination made me bet AGAINST the dragon again, with the last RM 10,000 bet on Black.

Yeah, bitch guess what? It was RED!

Total loss: RM 33,000

Fuck! I am allowed to use expletives in this post coz 30k is nothing to sneeze at. :(

The next day, I went on Rapid Roulette and the slot machines. The damn one armed bandit got me up to RM 700 with just a minute RM 400 buy in but how can I be content with that when I have lost so much?

Thus, I went to the Roulette table (the only one that can save me) and put RM 100 on 6 and RM 100 on 29. Yup, no points for guessing here. I lost both.

As Mike a.k.a foodcrazee put it, I “smelled blood” and went in for the kill. Hazardous coz the house ALWAYS wins.

If gambling was a game and there is a Save Mode I could have gone back to many places:

1. The initial RM 2,000 bet on Roulette and RM 300 on a number. That netted me RM 1,700 – more than enough for trip costs. I should not have been greedy. I should have left there and then and checked into the fucking hotel.

2. In the International Room, I was up by RM 11,000 and made a stupid RM 4,000 bet on Player during a Banker run (Banker dragon). I should have shifted to Banker. To compound the mistake, I made ANOTHER RM 4,000 on Player, which I lost as well.

3. My friend saw this table with a Black dragon on Roulette in my last ditch attempt to do a comeback. If I had gone to that table, this post would have been very different – it would have the title “COMEBACK KING!!! Won RM 7,000 after a huge loss. Hail to the fucking King baby”

4. In the International Room, I had a single, lone RM 1,000 chip and put it on 29. There was a HUGE influx of people changing money and placing their bets and I got very impatient and wanted to move to the next table. I should have…coz guess what? That table came out with 29. Motherfucker! I would have covered my losses and went out with a couple of thousands if that had happened.

slot machines

However, that is gambling. It’s like Choose Your Own Adventure (remember those books?). If I had done things differently. If only:

1. I left when I won the first game. RM 1,700 net win, more than enough to cover trip costs. Yay!

2. I didn’t go against the dragon in the International Room. I would have won RM 3,000. Yay!

3. I went to a different table during my last ditch do-or-die RM 20,000 bet. I would have won RM 7,000.


Well, all that didn’t happen and it’s not a children’s book. I’m not even going to sulk coz hell, that’s what every loser says so I’m not going to say it.

The principles of gambling is “WHAT IF”. What if all that happened and I added more cash to my condo fund? That is the hook, that is the line, that is the sinker.

I lost RM 35,000 and that’s that. You can’t turn back the clock.

There goes my condo…and my trips…and even my fucking F&B.


On the bright side, perhaps eating bread and water would stop me from my daily drinking. I can’t afford to drink anymore. To be honest, I only have RM 107.35 to my name.


Oh well, it’s all my own fault and I shall take all the blame.

I shall console myself with a phrase I learned in China:


It means “Money is a curse, spend it and earn it again“. ;)

All photos taken using the Sony Cybershot TX-5 except the crappy one discreetly taken on the Roulette table.

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114 thoughts on “How I lost RM 35,000 in Genting”

  1. I play roulette for some times also. Not a pro but 2-cents suggestion is to place bet only AFTER the dealer spin, especially when you bet big (compare to table limit), the dealer can control the ball landing location (hard to believe? try again and better believe).

    I have seen worse lost than this … Judge for yourself. If can, dont gamble (I know you are cursing me :-) )

  2. I am not sure where you are getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for magnificent information I was looking for this How I lost RM 35,000 in Genting » for my mission.

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  4. Losing money in casino is normal but its not normal to lose RM33K in very short period of time. You could have played slowly with patient. But anyway if you had won you would have definately gone there again and lose everything. Thats the trend.

    My worst luck was, I changed RM14K in baccarat and placed RM1K bet in a game, you wont trust me.. I have losted all the 14 games I bet. I have just followed game sequence and follow people. Then I have decided to stop going to this lausy place.

  5. It’s common to loose 40k 50k a night. Thing is if u can loose that much, make sure u are capable to win at least triple that amount when u r lucky. My max win per session app70k, max lost is 15k limits. 20k 30k winnings is more easier to achieved, so don’t loose more than 10k each time

  6. Lost nearly RM 2mil in 2010. Would be happy if the losses still stick at 5 figure.

    U just can’t win even ur IQ is up to 180.

    Winner are always the owner of the casino, not player.

  7. story was worst. I lost almost 7k in just 3 days, to make things more interesting those money I spent was my PTPTN money..!!!! I literally cried all the way down while I was driving down the hill. I really thought I could survive by gambling..damn i was so freaking wrong..before this I used to win almost 2.2k in 7 days straight and starting to get addicted. And on the bloody 8th time I visited, I kept losing my bets on roulette (I only plays roulette at that time) I withdrawn 1000 bucks three times and my bet seems fruitless. Then i decided to drive down..I must admit i cant sleep the whole fucking night..
    Then 1 week later I went back up this time I told to myself if I win my money back is will be my last trip to genting. Bloody lost 1800 on the 8th day that time I played 3 picture card and bacaratt..this is when i drove down crying (yes i kid you not) I was soo angry at my cousin who introduce this to me last year swearing at everyone around me including one of my friend who insisted me to go up this year..Then the very next day (9th) I went up this time i took 2k which is the money left from yesterday after losing 1.8k..then I played bacaratt initially and it was slow winning then changed to 3 picture cards Still loss so finally went back to roulette and cash in 900 of coloured chips this and this one fella claim to be a pro came to me and told me that my way of betting is wrong and I should follow the “flow”!?! This guy actually claimed to be an Indonesian staying at a Hotel somewhere near Jln Ipoh so he seemed desperate and said that he had lost 12k yesterday and going back that night itself to bring more money from his wife and he had no money on him now. I TRUSTED him and let him bet using MY CHIPS using his so called “flow”, he told me that he can help me win atleast 3k I was quite happy at that, the first bet was a hit but only one chip was bet on the number out of 20+ chips.. so okay this guy seemed believeable the next round he took all my chips as if like the chips were his and bet everything on the numbers around 500 bucks and freaking missed everything!!! What happened next was more interesting this guy just simply said sorry and walked off.!!!! FML..!! I felt like someone just robbed me infront of my eyes..he seemed to be a nice guy speak good English and dressed decently..I was oblivious to all this really didn’t see that coming. Then I quickly get out of that casino and again drove down cryinggg…I felt sooo fucking stupid and guilty really guilty i felt sorry to my parents aunties and uncles who funded my studies..that’s the reason why i got the guts to use the PTPTN money..I regretted my action those money was my allowences for daily expense…I wish I never gone to that place or never knew that place …I could’ve save soo much money and spend it on necessary stuff like books and others…I’m crying again now..After reading this blog i realised i wasn’t the only one losing..but i admit that I must be the only one to be such Idiotic..
    I learnt my lessons ..literally lessons worth 7K so here they are,
    1. There’s no easy earned money, money must be earned through sweat and tears *(not my kind of tears)
    2. Never trust anyone in such places everyone is as cunning as a devil in there.
    The money could have been spent on books, foods and soo much more
    I swear to myself I’ll either screw up my life or spend more money going there getting back to get the money that I’ll never ever get back..! I’m crying again now……
    The amount of trips I’ve made to that bloody hill is less than 20 trips so its like 7k plus travling fee which cost abt 30 per trip another 600 added to the 7k…I just wanna put a full stop to all this crap..its addictive so guys after reading all this testimonies..never ever gamble in a casino..after this my life will be a gamble worring abt what to eat tmr..damn…my 7k..
    I’m having trouble eating and sleeping and crying constantly each time thinking about that 7k…
    Guys remember the eternal rule “the house always wins”..!!
    sobbing again…huhuhu…

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