Life is like a roller coaster

You know this cliched phrase right? Our time on Earth is full of ups and downs. However, it seems that my life as of late has been nothing but a series of downs.

21000 cash

I lost nearly RM 50,000 in a month on the tables when I should have used that that to pay for my condo down payment. I have to move out in October so it would take a very long time for me to get this back again.


My mother was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and had to go for a operation to remove part of her lung.


Hell, if I was a lesser man, I might have just thrown in the towel and stepped of the edge of a very tall building. ;)


However, I am a firm believer in family. My dad has always preached and practised agape. It’s a Greek word meaning unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love. That is what family means to me. We care for each other – we support each other in times of need, we remain strong for each other, and we celebrate our milestones in life.


Family is about being there for each other – I flew down to New Zealand to be with my mom during her operation and I don’t know how many times my dad and mom has been there for me during my darkest times.

Sure, we have our disagreements just like any other family but I think we’ll have a fighting chance in the Exora My Unbeatable Family that’s going to be airing soon on 8TV. smirk


Exora My Unbeatable Family is a reality TV series about families competing with each other using a Proton Exora.


The Proton Exora is an MPV that can easily seat 7 people and starts at a very affordable RM 57,548. Families don’t come as large as they used to so I imagine most of the challenges and obstacles in Exora My Unbeatable Family would have something to do with the flexible seating configuration that allows you to rearrange the seats into space.


The teams will complete challenges every week and there will be an elimination process every week until the grand final!


It looks rather promising so don’t forget to tune in to 8TV at 7 pm every Sunday. You can also catch it on Astro Channel 708. Go to for more information!

There is also a weekly contest where you can win a RM 500 cash prize. Surf over to for details!

P/S – You can even view the episodes online! smirk

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41 thoughts on “Life is like a roller coaster”

  1. Huai Bin, at times life may SUCKS but nothing stays at the bottom forever. Once it hit rock-bottom, the other way is UP UP UP!! Stay positive and stay away from TEMPTATIONS!!!
    Such a waste I wont be able to view this weekly contest. Dont stay in Malaysia.

  2. mate, you worries are ant’s dick compared to my mind. so you are in a heaps better position than me. Is buying a condo the best thing ever? hell no, you are lumped with so much debt and you don’t even have money to buy toilet paper anymore.
    Look at it this way, you still have plenty of friends, and family. They ones who doesn’t return your phone calls are not your true friend.
    Come on, 50k is nothing, you work hard and they money will come back again, if all else fails, buy Toto lah.
    you understand hong now?

  3. eiling: Heh! Yeah, of course it’s my niece! Smells nice too, smells of milk. :)
    rocket: Haha! I think I understand the concept in general. ;)
    Yup, blood always runs thicker.
    rocket: HAHAHA! I hear they call him the Grim Eater. ;)

  4. Eiling: HB has this thing about smelling his sisters boobs. You must be to worried about him. Pls tell your mum to stop giving him ang pows. ha ha

  5. rocket: Haha! You’re sicker than me mate. The baby smells of milk coz it’s been feeding on milk true, but that’s not the same thing! :)
    The Cars of Malaysia: It’s a tie in with a TV series. :)

  6. vicky: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed reading it. :)
    foodcrazee: Yup, I totally agree…live is short, gotta enjoy it to the fullest. :)

  7. hey man, what did you do to my ute? It stop working this morning. What the fuck, you’ve jinxed me. No ute = no work = no money.
    And yes, you should stop smelling your sisters milky boobs. That’s just so wrong. ha ha ha

  8. Yet it’s all the ups and downs that make life interesting, innit? :)
    Y’know, if you’re looking for a place around Peejay, a friend of mine will have a room to rent @ section 17 in a couple of months. The same dude’s also in the real estate biz so if you’re looking for something of your own you could talk to him.
    Hope your mom’s responding well to the treatments. My dad’s on his third round with lymphoma and still kicking its ass, so do tell your mom to keep fighting the good fight. :)

  9. rocket: Haha! Stop blaming everything on me, I’m a few thousand miles away. :)
    randomjoe: Yup, agree with you on that, it’s rollercoaster ride in life that makes it interesting.
    I’m not interested in renting rooms – would like an entire place to myself, but thanks for the offer. I’ll get in touch with him for something for myself.
    Thanks for the concern mate, appreciate it. Hope your dad continues to kick ass and take names. :)

  10. see, you still have a working car while I am up the arse. been a streak of bad luck. man, you have it good brother. yeah, go out and get drunk, live for the moment and take good care of your extra-ordinary-large dog.

  11. WEEN: Thanks mate! Appreciate it. :)
    suituapui: Age has made you jaded and cynical my friend. :)
    I do love my parents! :)
    rocket: Hey, sorry to hear that mate. Well, yeah, we should always be thankful that we’re better off than some.
    What dog? I still don’t get the dog reference. :)

  12. it sure is a rollercoaster and you cannont say hey… put the brakes on… I wanna get off this ride. well… to late to crawl over the side. thats like at carowinds ( local to nc sc) or six flags over ga … ugh… why do they put those same gd carpet squares.. in every damn hospital ive been in. and my family. I hate those things. now check on your mom, then go talk to to your dad over diner or lunch. I am 50, and put both my parents in the dirt ( what a horrible thing to say) and pall bearer for many including my grandmother. who I was pallberer to also. but she would have said why are you reading this… go see your momma. a world away, God bless, HB. my prayers are wiith you, HB. I really hope she does ok. tom avve mariea ( well my mothers name was Irene. my name is thomas and my sisters name is mary. you would not pick us out from the crowd. we fight like cats and dogs… but not too much… wishing your mom well. tom

  13. tom: Yup, life’s like that. :)
    Thank you for your prayers! It’s much appreciated.
    Appreciate it tom! :)
    suituapui: Yup, don’t get defensive mate, it’s all good. :)
    A life well lived! =D

  14. Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she’s doing better after the operation. I couldn’t imagine going through the same situation. I love my family. And oh, 50k in a month? Geez, that’s a whole lot of moolah. Are you looking at a 500k apartment?

  15. Cheers: No worries mate! Appreciate your concern, she is a very strong woman. :)
    Yeah 50k in a month. Jesus. Staying away from casinos now.
    I was planning to go up for trip costs only and should have left at the first RM 2,300 bet where I won RM 1,700, but I was intoxicated and got greedy. :(

  16. the poster above me is using my name (i don’t know why), but HB can confirm the ip address.
    i guess for know on i need to start “signing in”

  17. Fake WEEN: I meant it as a joke, would have thought the ;) would give it away. I think you left your funny bone at home.
    Hey that rhymes. :)
    WEEN: The other one is
    It’s not a United States IP, I know it’s not coming from you, no worries buddy. :)
    It’s someone who has been leaving puzzling comments all over the place.
    But yeah, signing in would be good. I am going to implement Facebook’s sign in soon. :)

  18. Just as a random thing, I’ve always wondered if the people committing suicide thought about how traumatised other people would be…i mean, someone’s got to collect your various splattered broken body parts from wherever you fell…and you probably wouldn’t be in one piece. That person probably has sleepless nights…
    Yes, we know you weren’t planning to kill yourself la. :p

  19. Huai Bin | June 3, 2010 10:28 PM | Reply
    kom: Thanks for the concern! :)
    She’s recovering, at least as far as the Big C allows people to recover. :)
    what is Big C

  20. Jenny: Hello Jenny! Yeah, I think they do but the emotional pain is too much to bear at that moment so all other thoughts go out of the window. :)
    kom: Cancer. :)

  21. HB , it was really cool to read the stuff about your family, really heart warming , thanks for sharing it. makes your blog a real pleasure, the fact that u put everything incl the kitchen sink inna blog as long as you find it innaresting and we jus trus you to be good judge of that. you as a little kid in that photo with family cracked me up too , i was like ,oh what have we here? just a cute little pupae of the devil, hahah, I teach k through 6th grade art, in east harlem, so 99 % of my kids are black or latino or mix of the two, but we have a couple chinese kids and one kid named william looks like he would have been a buddy of yours , I am serious, you wouldve raised hell together im sure of it. i think… maybe .

  22. Darrell: Thanks buddy! Heh! Yeah, that was when I was 7 or so, our family takes vacations every year when I was a kid, a very nice tradition.
    William eh? I’m sure we would have raised hell together. ;)

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