Bath is a small city a couple of hours drive from London best known for the Roman Baths. It’s supposed to be the only hot springs around England when the Romans came. The town has a really unique character, largely due to the stones that the buildings are built with.

bath cathedral

The buildings in Bath are made with distinctive honey colored stones called “Bath stones” from quarries surrounding the Somerset area.

bath us

I took a day trip there to explore this World Heritage Site. It is a very popular destination – the place was packed even though it was off season and full of visitors thronging the main square.

the bath bun

There is a local specialty called the Bath bun – it’s described as a bun with a lump of sugar baked in the bottom and crushed sugar and raisins on top.

bath bun shop

The best place to grab one is at The Bath Bun at the main square.

bath bun

It’s simple but rather tasty, especially when it’s freshly baked.

sally lunns

I have also read about the Sally Lunn bun, and was determined to eat it before I left. Unfortunately, I had spent way too much time wondering around and nearly missed my bus so I couldn’t sample this other local delight.

bath square

I would say that a day trip is too short if you really want to explore Bath, Somerset. There are a lot of inns there where you can spend the night and I highly recommend at least two days to discover the quaint city of Bath.

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  1. Haiz!!! Thought I would see pics of you romping around the baths stark naked??? LOL!!!

  2. Nice new look HB. My 2 cents is to make it wider. Too much wasted space at sides. :-)

  3. larvely.. did u bath in the bath? ;)

    ( i swear ur website ate up all my previous comments.. sigh sigh sigh LOL )

    • Heh! Unfortunately, they don’t allow people to do that. However, you CAN have a drink from the Roman Baths. It’s really something, they serve it when you come out. :)

      Sorry about the comments, I swear this new spam filter is too judicious. T___T

  4. something wrong with your comment box bro

  5. Your blog feeds just bombed my dashboard T_T

    • Sorry! :S

      Was it the Apache 301 redirect?

      What happened? I know my feed link changed so I used httpd to redirect it when I moved from MT to WP.

      My apologies. T_T

  6. Lovely place! But why your blog looks weird now? Oh, can I tag along on your next round to Europe trip? Hehehe…

  7. wow..
    the girl at bath bun counter.

  8. walau lady on the left at The Bath Bun chun leh…. esp for UK standards…

  9. looks like a great place to go and you’re so lucky to be there just before the bad weather!

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