Pulling my dermal anchor piercing out myself

dermal anchor reject

I had a dermal anchor piercing (also called a microdermal implant) done last year and it healed pretty well without much care on my part. However, the skin around it started getting inflamed and I knew that my body was going to reject the piercing.

The microdermal implant started growing out when my niece pulled at it during Chinese New Year and it has caught several times against my clothing ever since. I got really tired of it and decided to pull it out just now.

dermal anchor remove

I’ve heard a lot of people say that it’s a painful process that must be done in a proper setting but I just grabbed the loose part and pulled it out with my fingers. It didn’t hurt at all. I think it was about to fall out by itself sooner or later anyway. *shrugs

pulling out microdermal

Microdermals are foreign objects and your body will reject it given time so I figured I might as well expedite the process. There’s minimal bleeding and at least I won’t have to feel uncomfortable with it snagging against my clothes anymore. smirk

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52 thoughts on “Pulling my dermal anchor piercing out myself”

    • It really didn’t hurt mate. I’m not trying to be machoistic or anything, it used to hurt when I tried pulling it out two weeks back – it bled and I couldn’t tug it free without ripping my skin so I left it alone then.

      …but now it’s been rejected so it’s nearly completely out already. No pain at all. :D

    • Nah, it’s really not. I think the people who tried pulling it out was like me two weeks ago – it hasn’t fully rejected so you’re basically tearing a hole in your skin. I quit coz I didn’t think I could do it without having to bandage it back then.

      It’s not as hardcore as it seems Deb – it’s almost out so I gave it a try this morning coz I got annoyed at it and it just slipped out with minimal fuss. :)

    • Heh! Well, it was more gory going in that out, I’ll tell you that.

      The first time I tried pulling it out I had to stop coz it would have ripped a chunk of my skin out. That was two weeks ago, now it’s slipped out more and more so it really didn’t hurt. :)

    • Heh! I got Jeanie to video that before she left for work. I actually didn’t know if it would work but I tried anyway and was surprised when it slipped out quite easily.

      There’s not a lot of blood, just a couple of drops that stopped after I applied pressure with a tissue. It’s now completely fine, after a shower. :D

    • Heh! It was doing so well for a long time – no problems at all, and then it started rejecting.

      I’m told it happens quite a bit for microdermals. :)

    • I wanted to keep it…rather liked the look of it. :)

      Unfortunately, it was rejected by my body so I had to take it out. It would have fallen off on its own accord if I didn’t anyway. :(

    • Well, it’s really not that bad Fiona. :)

      Although it feels like something is missing from me now – I keep brushing across my chest while showering expecting to hit the implant but there’s nothing there anymore.

      I’ll get used to it. :D

  1. I’m so glad someone did this. I was getting paranoid about mine. I’m in the middle of nowhere, mine’s rejecting and now shops are here to to get it done in a proper setting. It’s coming out on its own, but it’s not ready to pulled out as easy as yours was! I guess I’ll just have to give it a couple weeks and endure the snagging.

    • Yup, the first time I tried, it won’t come out either – had a feeling that it’ll tear a chunk of my skin out if I attempted (or at least cause substantial bleeding) so I left it alone and it came out easily two weeks after.

      Good luck with yours! :)

      • Thanks for sharing! Mine is almost completely out except a little bunch of skin that won’t budge. I’ll wait a couple weeks & see if my body will reject it totally!

  2. I was wondering if anyone had pulled theirs out before. I just got mine a few weeks ago (two on my chest) and for some reason I’m always swiping my hand across them by accident. I just did it again like 5 minutes ago and noticed that it was kinda loose so I’m like upset cause I love them and I don’t want it to come out LOL Do you know of any ways to like, push it back down? LOL

    Oh and I think it’s awesome how you comment everyone back!

    • I have two right at the top of my cleavage. But apparrently, I didn’t put them up high enough, because they keep getting squished between the ‘twins’ ya know. And the bottom one is rejecting (looks like the top one isn’t far from trying this too, ugh). But it’s half way out and I can’t seem to get it to come the rest of the way. It’s just hanging there with the whole back side still in my skin.

      • Hey there Judy!

        Yeah, I can imagine the constant friction it goes through in that placement.

        Well, dermal anchors are pretty finicky anyway – I have done three surface bar piercings under my wrist and it just never healed.

        I have to wear long sleeves for work back then and it kept on snagging on the sleeves or getting bumped into walls etc. It didn’t have downtime to heal.

        All the best with yours, Judy! :)

    • Hello Livvy and sorry for the late reply!

      Hmm…as far as I know, there’s no way to push it back in – the pockets that were made when it’s first done should heal above and around the implant so I wouldn’t worry to much about it. :)

      Pushing it or continuously touching it might just cause more problems with rejection.

      Good luck! :)

  3. Mine is rejecting, It’s about half way out, but I can’t seem to get it all the way out, it’s like it’s attached on the back side. So frustrating. But thank you for sharing your video, made me feel better =)

    • Well, that’s what happened to me too, it’ll be easier to pull out after enough time has passed.

      Glad to be of help Judy and all the best! :)

  4. hi eveyone,i had three dermal implants in my back had them in for over a year,the middle one didnt sit as deep as the other two,the diamond kept falling off n my husband n daughter got good at twisting it back on,then one day it fell off n wouldnt twist on,went to tattooist n he said it was the bar inside the threads had gone,he took it out had to cut me as there was nothing to grab ,not half as bad coming out as going in ,theres a tiny scar been putting bio oil on it ,ive decided not to replace it the other two are fine , i love them people always comment ,didnt know they grow out eventually,if they do wont be havin them again,gonna stick some on.ha x

  5. I’m so glad you posted this. I got a dermal on my chest about 3 weeks ago and last night, while walking around in NYC (1,000 miles from home) the backing worked it’s way out and now it’s hanging halfway out of my chest. As I’m so far from home and my piercer, I’ve been really worried. I tried tugging on it a little last night but like everyone else has said, I was worried about ripping a chunk of skin out. After reading about your experience and everyone else’s who commented, I feel certain that I should wait a couple of weeks to pull it out. My main concern now is the scarring. Do you have a noticeable scar now?

  6. This is actually quite heartening. I got four dermal anchors eleven months ago, but a couple of months ago the top fell off one of them, and even a qualified piercer couldn’t get it back on. It got infected and started rejecting. I put a bar in it and kept pushing it in, thinking that, if it can grow out, it can grow back in damn it. But it didn’t work (who’d have thought haha) and even though I kept it clean and used an anti-infection ointment it kept swelling and bleeding, and eventually the metal popped through the skin. Now it’s well on its way out. So, I’m going to get it removed by a piercer when its a bit further out, and once it has healed… get it done again! I’ve got two either side of my collarbones, don’t want to look lopsided of course ;)

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  8. I had my toe pierced in a mad moment…(I am a 37 y.o. wife and mother of 3) I got two tatoos and my nose and toe pierced in the same 24 hour time period…..I love the Tatoos….(mid life crisis???) but i took the nose ring out..I looked stupid…and the toe piercing with the micro dermal things….REAL STUPID…..I can find noone who has done this, and I WANT IT OUT…..other than going to the dr…(I have no insurance) i cannot think of a way to get it out…I am a nurse tech, and if i had some inj. lidocaine i think i could cut it out myself..but you cannot just walk into a pharmacy and buy that….SOOOOOOO any ideas????? thanks so much

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  10. I have the same thing! Its pretty much out but one side is anchored in still. If I pull of twist it it hurts. What should I do? Help :(

  11. I was cleaning my dermal and i pulled on it by accident and it came right out with a little skin =|
    Is that bad?
    Whats the best way to clean it so it wont get infected?
    Thank u =)

  12. Hi Guys, Dont be scared if you have one of these.. I’m female & also had the same dermal piercing in the same spot on my chest. Believe it or not, I did the exact same thing as the guy in video. I admire him for posing his vid. For me it was no drama, as I didnt have any infection or irritation. My dermal had been in obout a year. It got snagged on day on my clothing, & then a couple of weeks later it started to hang a bit. It just became wobbly and seemed to point down at first. This was when I bathed it every day in boiled water and rock salt. I also taped it up each day, and just left it. I think if you a healthy person who doesnt seem to get infections, bad dermals are nothing to be afraid of. I waited a week, until the foot and bar etc was showing through the perforated hole in my chest.. sound yuk, but there was no pain, as I was not infected and I did not traumatise it too much. Over days it prutruded a little more, until I got to the stage of giving it a gently tug myself.. and out she came. If I went to a GP, he would have used scalpel and there would have been a scar. So people just dont be afraid of it, as long as there is no pain, or swelling, or redness. Mine was just a little itchy, which was ok. It will eventually work out. It you are on a healthy diet & eat plenty of veges etc, you may be lucky to avoid infections.. some are not so lucky, and its the infection that can lead to painful procedues, so do not leave this in when you see swelling, pus, or redness. Immeadiately ring your piercer and get advice.
    To all of you who are scared, its not that much of a drama, as the bar is small & if your healthy your body deals with this foreign object by rejecting it.. which makes it easier for final removal.. Maybe a week of tape to hold it in place. and by the way I have ablolutely no scar..

    • I just had a question to answer… The reason I left my dermal it when I knew it was bad.. was because I live over 2 hours away from the piercer who performed the dermal procedure.. Therefore they could not advise too much without inspection of my dermal. The small town I live in also has piercers, but they are not authorised to remove these by law. I chose myself not to go the the GP, as it was not in any way irritated or infected. But I repeat some of you may not be so lucky, and you may need an antibiotic to settle things, and perhaps surgical removal, which you should not be scared of either, as you are in the hands of your GP. I was lucky, just like the man in the video to have the confidence to care for it and pull it out. So there are lots of good experiences with these.

  13. Hey,
    I’ve had my micro dermal for over a year and only now is it starting to hurt etc. it’s has inflamed like yours and has scabs and also looks like its scarring already. I can move it from side to side now, it’s gone very loose and I can see the sides of the bar when I squeeze sometime puss comes out but this time the bar nearly did. The hole seems real deap and wide. Should I do this to? What was the outcome, did it heal over quickly?
    Please reply ASAP, thanks


  14. One of my dermals has been migrating out for a week or so. Today it broke thru and was hanging by a thread (of me!) It was painful to pull, and it only took one yank to tell me that was NOT going to happen again. I made a loop with dental floss and worked it down to where it was still attached. One good tightening of the floss and it popped right out with no pain.

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  16. Hiii so I’ve had my hip dermials almost two yrs now and my left side was rejecting its about half way out so I tried to tug it out but not happening I have a bandaid over it now is there anyway I could clean in try to push it back in lol cause I love my hip dermials :(

  17. Iv had a dermal for around 6 months and it’s been caught so many times and it’s been hanging out for a while. I went to the hospital to try and get it removed but they said they couldn’t do it and it needed to be dealt with by a body artist. I got home and started to mess and I ended up getting one side of the anchor out but the other sides trapped by skin, it’s so sore and the skin seems really strong, iv been pulling at it but it just won’t budge

  18. I had my second dermal for 2 1/2 years. I always took care of it and it kept getting red. Finally after the first year it calmed down. Then about 15 months goes by and it swells. I get it taken care of and then 6 weeks after that I woke up and it was sticking out. When I went to place it back in, it simply fell out.

    I tore my first one out because it kept getting extremely infected…… I do not think they really stay with you for life anyway.

  19. Help I got a small dermal done yesterday on the nape of my neck between both collar bones and today it just came out and now I have a hole there. How can I heal up the hole and forgot I even got the stupid dermal pierced ? Don’t want it to get infected :(

    • Don’t worry about it Charly! :)

      Just let it be, it’ll heal over itself – mine didn’t even have a scar.

      It’ll heal over time, try and avoid touching it too much and it’ll heal right on over. It won’t get infected if yours is already *out* – mine was an infected piercing which I stubbornly kept *in*. Let your body heal the hole naturally, cheers and hope that helps!

  20. I just pulled mine out. I had mine done on the skin of my cheek bone. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. Am just scared of the scar its going to leave. Do you think it will bre a little scar or scar as a hole in my face

  21. Also its swollen up aswel. Did any body else’s swel up after taking it out. A bit of tissue was still stuck to one side and I yanked it out. It won’t cause no serious damage on the inside will it.

  22. I have one in my face my first one got rejected after about a year then I got a skin tag when it fell out so then I took toe nail clips n clipped it off then I got another one in the same spot about 4 months later now 3 months later it’s rejected half way but my first one came out fast n on its own this one is hanging dangling and it’s been a month 1/2 n it’s still not fell out what should I do

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