I posted this question on Facebook a while back and I’ve been reading the unusual last meal requests of death row inmates in Wikipedia. It’s quite interesting, really. What would you have for your last meal?

Personally, I’ll like:

last meal
Chicken rice
It’s my favorite dish. I used to eat it for lunch everyday!

foie gras
Foie gras
I love this stuff. It goes well with some bread. I’ll love some caviar to go with it too!

kobe steak

In addition to that, I’ll have some comfort food (pork leg, chai bo, century eggs) and a huge Kobe steakmedium rare. :D

What would you like to eat for your last meal before you die?

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32 Responses to “What would you have for your last meal?”

  1. I don’t think I would have the appetite for anything. Maybe something that my mum cooked?

    • I think some places give it to you three days before coz you won’t have the appetite otherwise.

      Good choice! :)

      Yeah, that’s comfort food alright. I would go that way too.

      Cheers! :D

  2. A meal at Caprice. I will like fly to hong kong to have my last meal at Caprice!

    • Nice! However, I think the food has to be flown to you though since you won’t be allowed out. ;)

      Hmm…is Caprice that good? I’m going to HK soon, will go and check it out.

      Thanks Michelle! :)

  3. because i’m such a penang kia, i want an XXL bowl of asam laksa. and some of my mom’s ABC soup. and this: omg you have to try the last one O.O

    • Hello Fresh! :D

      Hmm…I ought to try your mom’s ABC soup, it sounds good!

      Oh, that looks like a nice full English breakfast! :)

  4. i think mine will be sarawak laksa :P andddd chix rice! and the rice must be the nice fragrant oily rice. hahahah

    • Heh! I love chicken rice too! I particularly like the sauce at the bottom of the chicken. I don’t like roasted chicken though. I prefer drums with plenty of spring onions. :D

      Good choice Mel! :)

  5. Probably A bowl of Ramen Jiro

  6. what do malaysian death row prisoners order for their last meals?

    • Hmm…I don’t know actually, but there is a list of approved items in the “canteen” where Malaysian inmates can buy stuff from with money from outside or earned via work while incarcerated. :)

  7. hey i don know if i’m right, but i remember hearing about inmate facing death row asking for their last meal do have a standard limit in Malaysian jail, it is any food item value below RM15.

    • Wow! That sucks! What can you get for RM 15? :x

      What if the family buys the food for them?

      Interesting information though. Thanks Joel! :)

  8. I want a bowl of Kolombong Ngiu Chap, shit man if its my last meal I want this Steaming Hot Noodle with Slice Beef, Beef innerds minus the heart + Extra Meat ball and Beef tendon extra broth and those chillies of my o~~ my + My mom Hot Milo…she makes the best ….And damai’s fish noodle with fried chillies…Dammit I’m hungry now

    • Yeah, I reckon most, if not all of us would choose the comfort food that we used to eat as a kid…a hailback to more innocent times. :)

      You don’t like heart? I love the muscle, I’ll eat everything from chicken’s heart (which is really tiny) to a pig’s heart (which is huge – cooked one whole and ate it myself, it’s in the archives somewhere).

      …and yeah, I’m hungry now too – just realized I haven’t eaten since lunch. :x

  9. Dude, I’ll ask for a good size fishball and a glass of Three layer ice tea from 7th mile. When the guard is not looking, I’ll make a hole in the fish ball, insert s short piece of straw in it. Then I’ll eat the fishball, but instead of swallowing the fishball, I’ll get it stuck in my throat………….

    • Damn! Yeah bro, that original 3 layer teh c peng from 7th mile is still the best!

      I’ve never had one that surpasses it.

      Heh! Bro, that’s a really bad way to die. Suffocation sounds like a horrible way to go. :)

  10. Perhaps a big bowl of Sarawak Laksa???

  11. i heard the popular choice here in malaysia is actually KFC.

    • Well, fried chicken is always a good bet. It seems to be quite popular for lockup detainees too – probably coz it can be easily…divided. ;)

  12. yea,they hav price cap on the last meal
    hmmm last meal….juz a normal hainanese chicken chop will do,lolz,and 3 layers milk tea…ahhhh

    • How unfortunate! Does the price cap still apply if family members bring the food in?

      Heh! That’s a pretty small meal for the last thing you’re going to eat.

      …but I like it. Discipline. :)

  13. omg! this is the toughest question!

    But, I’m curious about what the inmates requests are..

    • Well, I know some people get it from the prison “canteen”. The have this shop that they can buy stuff like Milo and biscuits from. There’s also a system in prison called “kapal” – you pay the People in Charge (TM) some money every month and the cooks give you an extra portion (it can be all meat and veggies depending on how much you pay).

      This food obviously comes out of OTHER inmate’s food.

      I think if they can’t afford it, the cooks will just make a little something special for them. :)

  14. if me , it would be beef curry , chicken curry , steamed mutton , double beef burger with cheese , nescafe “o” , green leaves vegetable stir-fried with beef , cheese pudding , fried chickens , a bar of cadbury , iced f&n zappel . food to die for !

    • Oh nice selection my friend! :)

      It would be tough to finish everything but hey, being the last meal and all I’m sure it’s all good. :D

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