Type #1

fb iphone4s

Prefers to text and call. Goes on Twitter once in a while. Updates Facebook occasionally.

Basically, if you’re on a bit of a budget and you want to have free SMSs and call time thrown in, this is the plan for you. There are two to choose from – Value Plus Internet 50 and Value Plus Internet 30 – both with a very low monthly commitment fee, starting from RM 30.

maxis iphone4s plan budget

They both come with 250 MB of data allocation and either 100 SMS + 100 call minutes or 50 SMS or 50 call minutes depending on the plan.

You can get a iPhone4S 16GB for as low as RM 1,950 with a 24 month contract with this new iPhone4S plans from Maxis! :)

Type #2

social apps

Heavy data usage. Updates your social media apps each time you’re out with photos or videos. Constantly on the social media sphere and communicating with you takes a few seconds at the most. Foursquare, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, you’re on them all!

You’re always online and consume large amounts of data from YouTube and frequent Apple Store app downloads. Skype video calls is what you look for when you think of communicating with someone. You need Internet Value 50 or Internet Value 75.

maxis iphone4s plan heavy

The latter allows you a very comfortable 3.5 GB of data per month and with this plan, you’ll get an iPhone4S 16GB from only RM 1,990 with a 24 month contract. However, if this describes you, a 16GB iPhone4S won’t be enough, will it? ;)

All those apps you download needs to go somewhere so go for an iPhone4S 64GB from only RM 2,690!

Type #3

www maxis

You already have a plan with Maxis. Now, all you need is Internet so add Mobile Internet to your existing plan and get an iPhone4S from as low as RM 1,750!

There are two plans to choose from – depending on your data usage habits – Mobile Internet 1GB and Mobile Internet 3GB.

maxis iphone4s plan internet

You can tether your iPhone4S to your notebook for instant HSDPA access when you’re out and about or use it as a Wireless AP so keep that in mind when you’re an existing Maxis Value Plus user adding on a Mobile Internet plan. Find out more about the new Maxis iPhone4S Rate Plans.

wireless ap iphone4s

It’s very useful both for work and play, being able to have your very own wireless hotspot so you can be connected using your notebook or tablet anywhere 24/7. :)

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18 Responses to “What are your social media habits?”

  1. just got my 4S like last week.. it’s a rather nice phone.. thanks for sharing a way to get it cheaper here :)

  2. I’ve been reading your blog since early 2003, and not until recently did I take the amounts in Ringgits to a Currency Converter and see how much that translates to in Canadian dollars. (Before then I just assumed that the large amounts were somehow slightly less in dollars.) Not bad at all…

    • Thanks for reading mate! :)

      Yeah, I used to have dual (AUD and MYR) currency statements back when I started blogging in Melbourne and then triple (USD, AUD, MYR) for easier reference but now I just stick to one.

      The plans are pretty attractive actually. :D

  3. i’m def a heavy user. lol. planning to get iphone 4s too, but dunno if 3.5gb is enuf for me.
    i think existing plan +3gb better for me.
    thx will check with maxis to see. :-)

    • Heh! Well, if you’re a heavy user like me, 3.5 GB isn’t enough.

      I’ll go with the existing plan with 3 GB extra myself.

      Cheers Sharon! :)

  4. Thanks for the breakdown. I am researching the plans for the iPhone4S from DiGi, Maxis, Celcom and U Mobile to see which one is the best.

    U Mobile is the most expensive for data. I am split between Celcom and Maxis, even though Celcom is expensive for data, but it has good coverage around my area while Maxis does not.

    I am still thinking because Celcom is much more expensive than the Maxis plan.

    • I have good coverage for both in my area but I’m quite central. :)

      Yeah, it depends on what you want bro.

      All the best in your search! I personally use Maxis as my mobile broadband.

  5. iphone4s will be my first smartphone. hehe. which plan do you recommend? i prefer to pay more upfront than a longer contract.

    • oh ya i use a lot of data. my home broadband always utilise max from watching and downloading movies. ^-^

      • Yup, me too. I have Maxis mobile broadband for when I’m out and about and regular broadband at home but I use the former when I want to download something fast coz it’s HSDPA is faster than my home connection. :)

    • Welcome to the world of iOS Alice! :)

      Hmm…I would go for a higher upfront payment too.

      Since you mentioned high data usage at home, go for the larger data allowances.

      Hope that helps! :D

  6. I’m with the yellow man… LOL!!!

  7. still with maxis…think i’ve been with them for 14 years.

    didn’t take notice of the phone package. perhaps the hubster will be keen.

    • Yeah, I actually don’t call that often so I go for a higher data plan.

      I’ve got a dedicated data plan only from Maxis too, for places where there isn’t WiFi or just to download stuff – it’s faster than my home broadband. :)

  8. Love my Android phone but it’s without front facing camera!
    Would wanna get an iPad though :)

    • Yeah, an iPad would be nice! I want one too.

      I’ll recommend existing plan + 3 GB or the Heavy Surfers plans if you’re getting an iPad 3 with the SIM card – can’t Whatsapp without it and the apps for iPad are getting larger and larger with Retina Display.

      The games I play usually hover around 1 GB per app. :)

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