Okay, I was on my way back home late last night when something very disgusting happened. I’ve posted about it on Facebook but I wanted it here for posterity…

…coz it’s really disgusting. :x

I’m still a bit grossed out by what happened last night – this security guard I was trailing to get directions on where my car is took off his cap and brushed his sweaty hair before I could tap him on the shoulder and say excuse me.

Obviously, this resulted in surprisingly copious amounts of sweat being flicked to my face and inside my open mouth. (!!!)

I got the directions but it left a bad taste in my mouth. ;)

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12 Responses to “I ate someone’s sweat”

  1. you ingested someone else waste LOL :/

  2. More like you swallowed it. Gosh, now my stomach is churning at the thought of it…

  3. i just puke in my mouth

    • I really did…at least I went to the toilets and gargled.

      I couldn’t stand it I wiped it on my shirt sleeve first, tongue first. It was too gross even for me. :x

  4. gee… now I think the balut taste awsome now HEH

    but at least you got your daily dose of salt intake…. another heh

    • HAHAHA

      Yeah, balut tastes lovely! I like it, I found it really tasty myself. :)

      It’s salt that I don’t need that I take exception to. :x

  5. Dude, why’s there a girl sitting in front of the staircase……….?

    • Heh! It’s just a photo I took as I was going back – that’s Bukit Bintang.

      I was driving along while on my way back when I noticed how dodgy the area has become with all the foot massage girls. It was like that for a long time, I know but to see it in the middle of the night makes it seem a bit…garish.


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