kim gareth wedding

The first thing I noticed was the K&G for Kimberly and Gareth ice sculptures which dominates the entrance to the ballroom where the wedding was held. There’s also an archway above with roses – nice touch, that.

candy station

This is my favorite bit – there’s lots of nostalgic candy with witty place cards at the lounge where wedding guests can help themselves to.

sweet station

I haven’t had some of these since I was in primary school! It certainly brings back fond memories.

wedding registrar

…so much so I had a brain fart while writing the guest book. Lives, not lifes. -_-

kim gareth wedding rules

Kim and Gareth’s wedding was held at The Saujana Hotel last Saturday on the 27th October. I was there at 6:30 pm for the cocktail reception.

vintage coke

Vintage Coke bottles from Thailand.

yee haw

Here’s Yee Hau with Yee Haw! That’s the tag for the haw flakes of our childhood.

childhood candy

Rabbit Candy! Anyone remember these? I still love them.

kim gareth replacements

I think this was a really great idea too – having photo cutouts to take photos with while the bride and groom were busy, very tongue-in-cheek. Heh.


The wedding favors on the table were hugely popular too – we had an impromptu game of volleyball while waiting for it to start, made by Nicholas with the goo you can blow up into a balloon (also an artifact of 80′s babies – we had them in school).

kimberly gareth wedding

Kim and Gareth both had speeches going and I thought it was really nice, what they said, weddings always makes me feel good.

chinese wedding food

There’s also an 8 course dinner, with the soup dish called “Save the Sharks Seafood Soup” – obviously no fins in there but it tastes surprisingly good with the mini abalone and other seafood inside and it’s a great departure from traditional wedding soups by being clear, yet flavorful.

A lot of us at the table went for second helpings, myself included…and I’m not even a fan of soup.

yamazaki single malt whisky

I love the single malt whisky that was offered too – had a dram each of Yamazaki 12 y/o and a The Glenrothers Select Reserve. I preferred the latter, despite the novelty of drinking a Japanese single malt whisky – it had more character and complexity.

yam seng

Here’s the obligatory table-to-table yam seng session!

kim gareth hb

…and a photo with the (real) bride and groom at the end. Hope you have a wonderful life ahead together, Kim and Gareth! :)

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32 Responses to “Kim and Gareth’s wedding @ The Saujana Hotel”

  1. i rmber rabbit sweet too. congrats to the bride n groom. creative wedding. when is ur turn? lol

    • Yeah, I thought it was very creative too – and nostalgic, most of the candy from reception is stuff I remember from primary school.

      My turn?

      I’m not even in a relationship, so…I’m guessing…not so soon? ;)

      Cheers mate! :)

  2. Congratulations to your friends, Gareth and Kim. All the best in the years ahead. Your turn next, Huai Bin? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!!

    • Thanks buddy! :)

      My turn? Unfortunately, I’m not even attached as of now.

      I think I’ll wait until I’m ready but to be ready I have to be ready first. /Zen

      Heh! I’m afraid my parents will have to wait a bit on my side. No rush getting into one, that was one of the mistakes I did.

      Cheers buddy! :)

  3. LOL!!! At least, it wasn’t Hee Haw!, Hee Haw!!! What a lovely wedding bash!!! So creative and imaginative.

    • Heh! That would actually work well too – love the witty place cards at the wedding.

      Yeah, it’s very unique – the sweets I can still remember getting when I was 9-10 years old when I have pocket money outside Methodist Primary School, at a stall which was erected for the very purpose of selling candy to kids.

      Cheers buddy! :)

  4. those snacks are something difference… I like it…
    oooo yamazaki …. I have not try it .. but I bet it is real smooth whisky…

    • Yeah, it’s the ones I remember from my childhood! :)

      Very nostalgic. Heh.

      I thought Yamazaki was alright, but a bit plain, the Glenrothers I had had much more character. It depends on what kind of tastes you have I guess, I have a fondness for Islay malts so peatiness is a plus for me and I look for full bodied characteristics in beers and whisky too.

      Cheers mate! :)

  5. Wow…lots of childhood snacks there…I still remember the rabbit sweets. Yes, we can eat the paper too…hahaha

    • Indeed buddy! Heh!

      Sweet nostalgia! :)

      Yeah, I remember when I first found out as a kid too. It’s something you never forget. I was tearing at the paper at home, close to tears (was just a wee lad then) when my grandma came over and told me to just eat it, the paper is edible.

      I was a bit doubtful but I ate it and it melted.

      It’s these memories that can’t be dislodged that brings all the sweetness associated with the candy. Heh.

      Cheers buddy! :)

  6. glad you enjoyed yourself HB! and thanks for blogging this, so I can really see how it was like hahaha, was so busy i didn’t really know what what happening! it was wonderful having you at our wedding :)

    • It was a lot of fun Kim! :)

      Heh! Yeah, from a different perspective eh?

      I love weddings for some reason! I’m happy for you and Gareth.

      Thanks for having us, it’s a pleasure to be there. :)

  7. Thanks for blogging about our special day, it’s really nice to see it from your perspective and I hope everyone appreciated it and enjoyed it as much as you did. It was supposed to intimate and fun!

    • Cheers mate!

      It was intimate and fun, love the little touches you both put into it. :)

      I totally enjoyed it, I usually do at weddings, this had a lot of interesting bits that I felt like writing about it.

      Thanks for having us and congrats on your wedding!

      (although technically the wedding happened a while back haha)

      Cheers bro! :)

  8. Wow, now this is one special theme for a wedding. And of course, who doesn’t love rabbit candies wei! They’re like crack for kids, I swear. Congratulations to Gareth and Kim btw! :)

    • Yup, rabbit candies are awesome. :)

      I can eat 6-8 of these – cram it all into my mouth and wait slowly for it to melt into a sweet goo. I haven’t done that since I was a kid though. Haha.

      Cheers mate!

  9. eh…psst.. buddy… next to the rabbit candies…. tempting I know, but resist hard out, ok? BE STRONG MY FRIEND, BE STRONG……. rofl

    • Haha! I never bought a lot of those sugar coated glazed chocolates as a kid, maybe once or twice, it was prevalent at the shack that sold candy outside our primary school though. There was a different culture at my primary school, a lot of people bought collectibles instead like Tora, Ding Dang.

      My favorite at that time was a candy that turns your tongue and saliva neon purple/green/whatever.

      Magic tongue, I think it was called. :)

  10. was an awesome wedding wasn’t it?

  11. Lots of classic faves…I love the rabbit candy but it seems to taste less creamy than my childhood days. It could be my tastebuds or perhaps the recipe changed over time.

    • I think it’s the latter!!!

      OMG, so it’s not just me. :)

      I remember them being more creamy too – Sibu had a phase when it was all imported in from China – nifty new packaging, but it tastes so different (less sugar for one) that they brought back the original ones).

      I’m pretty sure they changed the recipe but the taste buds evolving through time is a valid theory too.

      Cheers! :D

  12. That place was pretty near to where I stayed last week. XD Congratulations to the newly weds. I like the sweets and candies

    • Nice! You’re staying around Saujana?

      Yeah, the sweets are awesome, I thought that was a very creative thing going there.

      Cheers Sherrie! :)

  13. ahhh such a sweet last picture. It was nice catching up with you too Huai Bin.. and no picture of me.. so sad :(

    • It was awesome catching up with you Eiling! :)

      I only have one photo with you, and that was taken on your BB, it’s on my Facebook, thanks for tagging me!

      I couldn’t find you after you left our table, was looking around for you.

      Catch up soon Eiling! :D

  14. i love all the signs that came with the candy! hilarious and so them haha!

    • HAHAHA

      Yeah, that was what prompted me to go and take photos of the signs. I thought it was really funny and creative too.

      Nice job on that, great theme for the wedding.

      Cheers Irene! :)

  15. hey man :) dont worries you will find someone who truly love you
    god bless you :)

  16. Oh snacks with nostalgic element. nice! how was the taste of the food? Does the hotel provide recommendable service?

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