What’s your best looking side – left or right?

I’ve heard that everyone has one side that they look better in. The real pros actually navigate themselves so that their “best looking side” e.g. angle gets presented each time they take a photo. Heh.


I don’t know if I have a good looking side. Here’s my right profile.


…and this is my left side.

I think it looks just about the same but please do correct me if I’m wrong – I’ll love to know. :)

Do you have one side that you look better in?

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24 thoughts on “What’s your best looking side – left or right?”

    • Nice! :)

      I know some people have a side where they look better but I’ve never found mine out.

      Someone told me which side I look better at but I didn’t see the difference. Heh!

      Cheers Constance! :)

    • Yeah that’s what I reckon too!


      …but apparently some people do look better on one side – it’s the asymmetrical nature of the face. :)

  1. Handsome…very handsome – left, right or centre!!!

    Me? Nicer from far so I will not look so fat… Some people would say – nice from far…but when near, far from nice. Sobssss!!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!!

  2. I personally like the right one.. Looks good. More natural compared to the left one.. my face is round, so, yah, no matter take from what angle, it’s also ROUND. -.- hate this question.

    ;P jk

    • Thanks Eunice! :)

      Heh! Okay, I’ll try and keep that in mind and use my right side more often.

      Eh, no la I think you look fine!

      …and besides, I think everyone’s face is asymmetrical so I guess it’s true that one side would look different.

      Cheers! :D

  3. LOL…mine at the centre. Yes, it is my bulging tummy which looks the best. Haha…My wife said that I always looks handsome no matter how fat I am. So, find someone who love you for who you are, and not how you look :)

  4. I think my left is the better side. I’m however more concerned on making sure that my face doesn’t look chubby in the pictures when I’m taking pictures of myself…

    • Nice!

      You look great though, no worries about that.

      I’m curious coz I never did find out my “good side” and since everyone’s face is asymmetrical, it technically should be there.

      Oh well.

      Cheers Ciana! :D

  5. I think from a photography point of view, it’s always better to angle yourself to the camera to avoid that boring “straight-into-camera-passport-photo” look. Right or left is probably down to personal preference. I prefer your left profile though.

    • Hello Vincent!

      Yeah, good one, I tend to do that a lot – stare straight into the camera I mean.

      It can’t make for good photos, except for passport photos. Heh.

      Thanks for the comment bro!

      Cheers! :)

  6. The first pic’s got this mature look, the second pic’s more boyish. I prefer first pic hehe.

    I forgot which side I look better dy lor, but yes usually got difference one.

    • Hello Grace! :)

      Heh! Thanks!

      I guess I was born with that boyish look…but on the plus side, it makes me look young so I’m okay with it. :)

      Yeah, I reckon there is a difference eh, since everyone’s face is asymmetrical.

      Cheers! :)

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